New England Patriots

Former Rams quarterback Kurt Warner says an “unknown” surrounds the allegations that the Patriots taped the Rams walkthrough the night before Super Bowl XXXVI.

Warner joined Zolak & Bertrand on Radio Row Thursday and reflected on the Rams 20-17 Super Bowl loss in February of 2002. The Hall of Fame quarterback said he’s not bothered by the accusations of cheating some have levied against the Patriots, and said the Rams did not play well enough to win the game.

The walkthrough filming allegations stemmed from an erroneous report in The Boston Herald in 2008. The newspaper later retracted the report and apologized to the Patriots for the error.

Despite the paper recanting the story, former Rams running back Marshall Faulk has trumpeted that report as fact for years. Warner was unwilling to go down that path on Wednesday, but also suggested the Patriots may not have been squeaky clean in Super Bowl XXXVI, either.

“The unfortunate thing is there’s this huge unknown. We know that there was something going on with the Patriots and so that leaves this cloud over the top of everything, whether it’s us losing a Super Bowl or whether it’s the Patriots and all the success that they’ve had and people go ‘Okay, what was the real deal? What really went on?’”

“I think it’s unfortunate that there’s that speculation for everybody because let’s just know what it is and move forward and give the Patriots credit where they deserve to have credit…I have no idea what went on but I know this has been a great run for the Patriots…let’s just put it behind us and move forward,” Warner added.

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