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Join Jimmy Stewart and Mike "Sarge" Riley for a weekly look into the world of wrestling, WWE, and more.

Wrestling Inside The Ropes - Ronda Rousey has turned to the dark side

The Ronda Rousey that the internet wants is finally here, Fastlane made a sharp turn into being an interesting show featuring Kevin Owens vs Daniel Bryan, Charlotte Flair vs Becky Lynch and a Shield reunion. We have thoughts on other what John Cena might be doing for Wrestlemania and a lot of other news in…

Wrestling Inside The Ropes - Wrestlemania is taking shape with the returns on Roman Reigns and Batista

James and Mike talk about the many news stories of the week: Roman Reigns is back, Dave Batista is back, Ronda threw down her belt, NXT call ups and WWE superstars have returned, Arn Anderson has been fired and Bruce Prichard has been hired. What does all of this mean for Wrestlemania in NY? 

Wrestling Inside The Ropes - Why Charlotte Flair being in the main event of Wrestlemania is brilliant

James and Mike discuss why Charlotte Flair is now in the main event of Wrestlemania against Ronda Rousey. How Becky Lynch can get back into the match and what story might be looming for Becky Lynch after Wrestlemania. They also discuss WWE Elimination Chamber and dig into why NXT is on the up swing as…

Wrestling Inside The Ropes - Brian Fury

Brian Fury is the owner and head trainer at New England Pro Wrestling Aacademy located in North Andover, he is also the owner of Chaotic Wrestling. Brian Fury is coming out of retirement this Friday Night, December 7th in Woburn, tickets can be purchased at chaoticwrestling.com/tickets or at the door. James and Brian talked about…

Wrestling Inside The Ropes - Daniel Bryan Wins WWE Championship

????????EMERGENCY BREAKING NEWS PODCAST ???????? Daniel Bryan is the NEW WWE Champion and Charlotte Flair is replacing Becky Lynch in her Survivor Series match against Ronda Rousey. James Stewart and Mike Riley give their opinions on the chaos that's happening in WWE right now. 

Wrestling Inside The Ropes - Watch Steve Austin v Bret Hart with us

In this week’s episode of Wrestling Inside the Ropes with James Stewart and Mike Riley, we'll watch Bret Hart v Steve Austin from Survivor Series 1996 and talk about the news of the week. WWE is eliminating the overrun for RAW, A note about Shane McMahon winning the World Cup and how long is Brock…