Felger & Mazz


Fuppets: Lighting

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EgnGR89dZJw In this episode of the critically acclaimed Fuppets series, Felger was broadcasting from parts unknown recently, and he decided to try and upscale his lighting. What we ended up with is something equal to 10,000 suns, and a bad Zolak impression from Felger. The guys back in the studio had some genuine concern for their broadcast partner, even wondering if his place was being raided or possibly being held at gunpoint. [sendtonews key="none" type="single"]  Fuppets Transcript Big Jim: Have you been doing the show with a cop flashing a maglight in your face for the last 57 minutes? James Stewart: This is a legit hostage case. Mazz: Yeah, it is. It really is like, holy crap. Is there someone there holding you a gunpoint? Felger: All right, listen. Big Jim: It's changing, too. It just got brighter. Felger LISTEN! I've got a nice banner behind me. My microphone and my audio is freaking AWESOME! I sound that good. Felger: I can't dial in the visual part. They gave me the wrong cord. So I went to the TV station last night. I got a real, like, TV light and yeah, I can't figure it out. Mazz: I hope you're wearing some sunscreen. Felger: And what makes it worse? I lost my readers, and the only extras I have happen to be sunglass readers. Does it look that bad? I think it looks pretty good. Big Jim: No, it's just. It's. It's bright. Felger: I'm trying. I'm trying to make it look good. Mazz: And when you put the glasses on, you look a little like Zo. James Stewart: A lot like Zo. Felger: Enough of that!

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