Felger & Mazz: Looking Back at the Celtics Trade for Kyrie Irving and the State of the Red Sox (Hour 3)

During Hour 3 of Felger and Massarotti, Felger and Jim Murray continued to look back the Celtics acquisition of Kyrie Irving.  Would you make the trade again?  The guys got back into the Red Sox and their approach about next month’s MLB Trade Deadline.

Felger & Mazz: A Final Hour of Agenda Free Calls and the Final Word (Hour 4)

In the fourth and final Hour of an Agenda Free Friday, Murray and Anderson continued to take calls on all the stories from the week.  To close out the week, we hear a classic edition of Mad Mike and Squeaky Mazz in the Final Word with Matt McCarthy.

Felger & Mazz: Chris Gasper on the Celtics Offseason, Kyrie’s Reputation, and the Ortiz Investigation (Hour 3)

Chris Gasper, of the Boston Globe, joined Jim Murray and Ty Anderson for Hour 3.  The guys discussed Al Horford’s decision to opt-out of his contract with the Celtics, Kyrie Irving’s offseason, and the David Ortiz investigation.

Felger & Mazz: It’s Agenda Free Friday! (Hour 1)

It’s an Agenda Free Friday on the Felger and Massarotti Show!  Jim Murray, Ty Anderson, and Matt McCarthy shared their opening thoughts before getting into last night’s NBA Draft, Don Sweeney winning the NHL’s GM of the Year Award, and calls on everything from the week.