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The Brady 23: Recounting the 23 best games of Tom Brady’s career

When Tom Brady first 'retired' after the 2021 season, the Sports Hub's Alex Barth, Matt McCarthy, and Tim McKone compiled a list of 'the 22 best Tom Brady games' for his 22 years in the NFL. That list was originally going to be accompanied by a podcast including highlights and reflection on those games. Before the whole project could be put together though, the unimaginable happened - Brady returned for a 23rd NFL season. Suddenly, his resume was one again 'in progress.' READ MORE: --What to expect from the Patriots' rookies in 2023 -- Four bold predictions for the 2023 Patriots -- LISTEN: 2023 Patriots Season Preview Show w/Alex Barth and Matt Dolloff This past February Brady retired again, this time for good (we think). With his playing days now behind him (again, we assume), he'll return to Gillette Stadium this Sunday to be honored by the Patriots on the first Sunday he won't be on an NFL roster since 1999. In celebration of Brady's return, we've dug up the original 'Brady 22,' and turned it into the 'Brady 23' to accommodate his final season in the NFL. Unfortunately, the podcast is lost to the ages, but here is the list of the top 23 Tom Brady games of his NFL career from Barth, McCarthy, and McKone... [sendtonews key="RV6cnpU782-2981194-11378" type="single"]

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