Zolak & Bertrand: Trying to Understand the Lowering the Helmet Rule (Hour 3)

In this hour, Hardy and Perry discuss the confusion surrounding the NFL's new lowering of the helmet rule as fans, players and even commentators don't really know how the rule is goinf to be called. Also, the Bear vs Shark debate seems to have finally broken Hardy.

Zolak & Bertrand: Isaiah Wynn Out for the Season (Hour 2)

We got breaking news on Patriots Offensive lineman and first round draft pick Isaiah Wynn as he has been ruled out for the season with a torn achilles. Also, Zo joins the show to discuss his issues with the new leading with the helmet rule in the NFL.

Zolak & Bertrand: Breaking Down Pats/Eagles Preseason (Hour 1)

Hardy and Phil Perry open up today's breaking down last night's preseason win for the Pats as Tom Brady got his first action of the season. Also this hour, Phil Perry gets his chance to address the Bear vs Shark dilemma.

Zolak & Bertrand: Brady Belichick Power Struggle (Hour 3)

In the third hour: Hardy, Jones and Arcand continue the discussion on Chris Gasper's column in The Globe about the perceived power struggle between Tom Brady & Bill Belichick. They also revisit the Shark attack in Truro. Jones says Bears are scarier than Sharks.

Zolak & Bertrand: Whatcha Got Your Peepers Peeled On? (Hour 2)

In the second hour: Hardy, Jones and Arcand on what they expect from the Patriots in tonight's game against the Eagles. Jones is loving Jackie Bradley Jr's performance this week and the guys dip into Chris Gasper's column in the Boston Globe on the balance of power with the Patriots.

Zolak & Bertrand: Did Zo Call The Shark Attack? (Hour 1)

In the first hour: Hardy, Adam Jones and Christian Arcand discussed what they will have their eyes on in tonight's preseason game against the Eagles. They guys broke down Jaylen Ramsey's QB evaluations and Scott Zolak calls in to talk about the Shark Attack in Cape Cod yesterday.

Zolak & Bertrand: Maryland Football Tragedy, Today’s Takeaways (Hour 4)

In the fourth hour: Episode two of Hard Knocks with the Cleveland Browns aired on HBO on Tuesday night, and we react to some of the best moments that have us glad to be fans in New England… Plus, Zo weighs in on the tragic situation with his alma mater after one Maryland football player…

Zolak & Bertrand: Pats Need a “Great Quarterback”, Lane Johnson Still Yapping, Revs Coach Brad Friedel (Hour 3)

In the third hour: Tom Brady spoke on Tuesday after practice and we can’t help but wonder what he means when he says the Pats “need a great quarterback” … Plus, should Tom Brady actually be satisfied with his re-structured contract despite what critics might say? Also, Philadelphia Eagles lineman Lane Johnson continues to blab…