Zolak & Bertrand: NBA Bubble, Today's Takeaways (Hour 4)

In hour 4 of Zolak & Bertrand, Arcand & Irvin talk about what's going to happen in the NBA as the number of Coronavirus cases continue to rise. You can also catch Today's Takeaways at the end of the hour. 

Zolak & Bertrand: Kemba Walker, Worst Contracts in Boston Sports (Hour 3)

In hour 3 of Zolak and Bertrand, Arcand and Irvin talk a little Celtics and how Kemba Walker looks like he's ready to play again. They also talk about Bobby Bonilla Day and some of the worst contracts in Boston sports. 

Zolak & Bertrand: Fireworks and the Face of Boston Sports (Hour 2)

In hour 2 of Zolak and Bertrand, Arcand and Irvin talk about the latest Patriots scandal, the face of Boston sports and who's on the cover of Madden and NBA 2K. And is anyone else fed up with fireworks?!

Zolak & Bertrand: Rodney Harrisons comments on NFL return, Gameday travel for NFL teams? Todays takeaways

What’s on the Menu for Zo this weekend?  Rodney Harrison can’t envision an NFL season happening with how physical the game is played, Rumors have started that the NFL is debating day of travel for teams to play games,  Zo has some strong opposition to these rumors and the feasibility of the logistics. Todays takeaways…

Zolak & Bertrand:Adam Silvers comments on NBA return, Comedy sequels, Kurt Warner from NFL network joins the show

The NBA’s return to play strategy, what will happen when players or multiple players test positive. Comedy movie sequels are discussed , are there any that are better than the original, Calls flood in to discuss. Kurt Warner from the NFL network calls in to discuss Cam Newton and how his comeback in the NFL…

Zolak & Bertrand: Patriots Qbs ranked, How does Newton fit in Patriots offense, NHL Hub cities, This date in show history ranked the top Patriots QBs all time and had Zolak at 11, Will Damien Harris be a factor in the Patriots running game this year? Numerous salary deferments are discussed thanks to Bobby Bonilla day, the benefits of deferred payments and what would you do if you won the lottery? The NHL is now…

Zolak & Bertrand: Cam Newton and Mohammed Sanu working out together in LA, Bobby Bonilla day

Zo hardy and Mckone are in today, they start Wednesdays show with Cam Newton flying to LA to do a passing camp with Sanu. If we’re going to praise Brady for his work ethic do we have to do the same for Newton.  Deion Branch predicts a big year for Cam Newton. Its Bobby Bonilla…

Zolak & Bertrand: Ball Glove Fetishes, Today’s Takeaways (Hour 4)

In the final hour: Zo and Hardy react to Tim Kurkjian’s ESPN story about baseball players and their obsessions with the gloves … Plus, more on Cam Newton signing with the Pats … And, we wrap up the show with Today’s Takeaways 

Zolak & Bertrand: Cam Newton, NBA Restart Looks Shaky, Zo on Fireworks (Hour 3)

In the third hour:  Hall of Famer Kurt Warner and Cam Newton’s former head coach Ron Rivera are weighing in with positive thoughts on the Patriots signing of the former NFL MVP… Plus, is the NBA restart even going to happen? … And, Zo has strong thoughts on fireworks