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Felger & Mazz: Do Pats have easiest schedule in NFL? (Hour 1)

Felger and Mazz open the show by reacting to a CBS article indicating that the Pats have one of the easiest schedules in the NFL? The guys break down the Pats' recent schedules and how much the schedules have helped with their consistency over the years. 

Felger and Mazz: Demaryius Thomas activated, Next Pats head coach, Chris Sale speaks on injury (Hour 3)

Felger and Mazz react to Demaryius Thomas coming off the PUP list at practice and the state of the WR depth chart. The guys also dissect Bill Belichick's future and some of the playcalling decisions he's handed out to the staff. Finally, the guys hear from Chris Sale for the first time since suffering his…

Felger & Mazz: Ryan Allen cut, Josh Gordon's role, Antonio Brown's helmet issue (Hour 2)

Felger and Mazz open the second hour of the show by getting into the release of Ryan Allen after he was beat out by a rookie for the job, They also get into the WR depth chart following the return of Josh Gordon from his suspension and the ongoing saga with Antonio Brown's helmet. 

Felger & Mazz: Chris Sale's health, what will Sox do this offseason? Tough night for Jimmy G (Hour 1)

Felger and Mazz open the show breaking down the latest surrounding the Chris Sale injury and his long-term condition. How much should the Sox regret handing out his extension now? And will they need to trade Mookie Betts this offseason for pitching help. The guys also break down a tough outing for Jimmy Garoppolo on…

Felger & Mazz: Chris Sale's health, Pats takeaways, Final Word

In the final hour of the show, the guys reacted to the news that Chris Sale doesn't need Tommy John and hit on their takeaways from the Pats preseason win over the Titans. Plus Marshall Hook has the Final Word

Felger & Mazz: Sale doesn't need Tommy John (Hour 3)

In the third hour of the show, the guys reacted to the breaking news that Chris Sale does not need Tommy John surgery. Also: more thoughts on the Patriots preseason win over the Titans, Josh Gordon, and the rookie class.

Felger & Mazz: More on the Patriots' impressive rookies (Hour 2)

On this hour of Felger & Mazz: Mike likes what he sees out of the Patriots' rookies from Saturday, particularly from running back Damien Harris. In fact, he already likes Harris more than Sony Michel ... and the guys are worried that Chris Sale could be headed for Tommy John surgery, which would sideline him…

Felger & Mazz: Patriots Look Good Against Titans, Josh Gordon Returns, And Chris Sale Visits Dr. James Andrews (Hour 1)

On this hour of Felger & Mazz: The guys recap Saturday's preseason win over the Titans and the impressive performance of the rookies ... Josh Gordon is back in the fold for the Patriots, but how confident are they that he'll be available the whole season? ... And in light of his visit to Dr.…