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Felger & Mazz: A Final Hour of Agenda Free Calls and the Final Word (Hour 4)

It’s all on the table in the fourth and final Hour of an Agenda Free Friday.  Hook and Johnson took calls on everything from the week in sports.  To close out the week, it’s the Final Word with Mike O’Brien. 

Felger & Mazz: The Celtics Offseason, the Patriots Weapons, and the Final Word (Hour 4)

In the fourth and final Hour, Mazz and Jones got into the Boston Celtics offseason and the latest in NBA free agency.  The guys also continued to talk about the Patriots and Tom Brady’s surrounding cast.  To wrap up the show, it’s the Final Word with Marshall Hook.

Felger & Mazz: Has All the Winning Corrupted the Way Fans Think? (Hour 2)

In Hour 2, Mazz and Jones tried to get in the mindset of the fans when it comes to roster construction.  The guys also got into the Red Sox and the decisions the front office has to make with some of their core players.