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Tony Massarotti

Mazz: Don’t look now, but the Red Sox are bringing actual baseball back to Boston

Mazz: The 2021 Red Sox, Garrett Whitlock and the promise of hope

Mazz: Three games in, the Red Sox are already spiraling

Mazz: What to watch for – and expect – from the 2021 Red Sox

Mazz: Is Bill Belichick building the Patriots in the image of the Baltimore Ravens?

Mazz: Bill Belichick and The Patriot Way now look … well … desperate

Mazz: On Jarren Duran and why you should – and should not – believe the hype

Mazz: Bobby Dalbec and Alex Verdugo are on opposite sides – and the Red Sox need them to be

Mazz: What happened with Andrew Benintendi and what exactly are the Red Sox doing?

Mazz: Brady stakes his claim – as the greatest winner in the history of team sports

Mazz: For Tom Brady, Chiefs DC Steve Spagnuolo might be the ultimate supervillain

Mazz: To the very end, Dustin Pedroia ran everything out

Mazz: No matter the explanation on Corey Kluber, the outcome is bad news for the Red Sox

Mazz: Kyrie Irving is nothing but a big baby

Mazz: Trade Andrew Benintendi? Sure, but the Red Sox had better get it right

Mazz: Using 2020 hindsight, where is this all going for Bill Belichick and the Patriots?

Mazz: The departure of Zdeno Chara? As usual, many are missing the point

Mazz: In L.A. for an entire week, can the Pats stay on the Path?

Mazz: Speculatively speaking, are the Patriots moving toward a change at quarterback?

Mazz: Bill Belichick praised his son following Sunday’s win – but for what purpose?

Mazz: Gordon Hayward wants out and the Celtics hold the keys

Mazz: Even Theo Epstein thinks the MLB product stinks

Mazz: For someone who claims to want pushback, Bill Belichick certainly doesn’t handle it very well

Mazz: As Chaim Bloom begins to rebuild the Red Sox, expect to be underwhelmed

Mazz: In Boston, in an election year, is Cora-Fuld a winning ticket?