Boston Celtics

The Atlanta Hawks, en route to a 129-121 Game 4 loss, were responsible for one of the more bizarre confetti incidents in recent memory.

Sunday night’s Celtics win had to be paused briefly in the first half as pieces of confetti began raining from above at Atlanta’s State Farm Arena.

  • Among the many questions that come to mind include:

  • What, exactly, was this confetti for?

    In an attempt to best understand this unusual circumstance, this author researched the purpose of confetti.

    Confetti is defined by the dictionary as small bits of paper thrown or dropped from a height to enhance the gaiety of a festive event (gaiety: the state or quality of being light-hearted or cheerful).

    Armed with this knowledge, I only emerge even more bamboozled by this whole situation. None of this makes any sense.

    While these tiny little bits of paper did, in fact, descend from the NBA arena heavens, the entire existence of the Atlanta Hawks is deeply unfestive and very much not cheerful. There is a time and a place for celebrations. An Atlanta Hawks game is not one of those places.

    Note: The Hawks were losing by 11 points as Atlanta rained confetti down on their basketball team. The Hawks went on to lose by 8 points and are scheduled to lose to the Celtics on Tuesday, bringing an end to this series.

  • Why was the amount of confetti so sad?

    If you’re going to go all out with an ill-timed confetti drop, you’re better off pushing B-52 and covering the entire court with a bucket of confetti. Go big or go home.

  • Who didn’t do his or her job?

    Somebody has a rough Monday morning meeting on their agenda now.

  • Is this the worst confetti drop ever?

    Oh please. This isn’t even the worst confetti drop to happen in the playoffs against the Celtics. To that end, we pay tribute to the Philadelphia confetti drop of 2018.

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