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Sports Hub Underground: The Bruins’ off-season, featuring ‘facts’ and ‘context’

(Click here to subscribe to the Sports Hub Underground podcast.) The Boston Bruins haven't had a good off-season, obviously. But that doesn't mean the reactions to it have been appropriate, or even correct. That's been a battle that Ty Anderson and I have been waging throughout July, ever since the B's made their first moves in free agency and lost out on winger Tyler Bertuzzi. It's been a bloodbath for GM Don Sweeney on 98.5 The Sports Hub ever since. Here's the problem with that rhetoric, though: this off-season was inevitable. This was the cost of going "all-in." And the way people on this very station have ripped Sweeney for seemingly bungling everything has been at best disingenuous, at worst willfully ignorant and obtuse. So, Ty and I have spent a few weeks on the Sports Hub Underground podcast, and even live on 98.5 The Sports Hub, setting the record straight. The latest episode of SHUG, now available wherever you get your podcasts, continues to clap back at some of the most inane arguments we've gotten from people on Twitter, all of which are basically myths. That, plus plenty of fresh music talk and a music-themed "Big 3" draft. Get the Sports Hub Underground Apple: Spotify: Google: We dive into the ideas that the Bruins were the ones that screwed up on Bertuzzi, and that their signings were in any way related to losing Bertuzzi to the Maple Leafs. Spoiler, the two situations were NOT related. Ty goes on quite a nice rant against those Twitter crazies, a must-hear for fans of the show. If you're new here and liked this episode, click here to subscribe. (1:20) Opening banter on music (12:00) Clapping back at dumb Bruins takes (33:15) The Patriots and DeAndre Hopkins (38:30) "Big 3" mainstream music that's actually good Subscribe to the Sports Hub Underground for new episodes every Thursday. Apple: Spotify: Google: [select-listicle listicle_id="255722" syndication_name="bruins-announce-jersey-numbers-for-newest-signings" description="yes"] [sendtonews key="none" type="single"]

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