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Matt & Ty have to get their Will Smith/Chris Rock Oscars takes off their chests, so they start there. Then they get into topics surrounding the Bruins and Patriots, plus their “Big 3” mainstream events they don’t care about.

(00:00) It was the slap heard ’round the world with Will Smith across the face of Chris Rock.

(10:20) The Bruins lost 6-4 to the Maple Leafs, but that’s just one game. What are the big-picture implications?

(24:52) Boston may undergo some lineup changes, and Taylor Hall got himself in trouble with a sucker-punch – and made Leafs Twitter go insane.

(39:42) The Patriots never made a move for a No. 1 wide receiver, but could still pull that off.

(51:12) The guys pick their “Big 3” popular mainstream events (like the Oscars) that they just don’t care about.

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