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Thursday morning gave the greater Boston area a wintery mix of elements. Morning commuters struggled to get to work in the less-than-ideal conditions.

On Thursday’s Toucher & Rich program, Joe Murray listed his five-part step-by-step guide to cleaning snow off your car.

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  • Joe Murray: Are you guys meticulous when it comes to snow shoveling? Do you have a routine and a system? What I like to do is start the car first. Always get it nice and warm. No wipers because you can blow your motor. 

    I was in the automotive business and started when I was 16 years old. I got out in 2015. So, I almost got 20 years in the car business. Having to clean 100 to 200 cars at a dealership is not fun. 

  • Step 1

    What you want to do is start your car first, always. Then grab your snowbrush. What you want to do is have a rake. Just go back and forth. Don’t mess with your wiper blades. If you mess with them, you can blow your motor. When you turn the car back on, it might not work.

    Always do the front lights and your bumper. Clean by always moving to your right. Start on the driver’s side, to the rear, then back to the passenger side. Wipe it all down, baby.

  • Step 2

    You get in your car, start up and turn the defrost on. Some people might have to shovel around their tires. That would be the next step.

    One key thing, wipe your mirrors because those can sometimes get frozen. If you have heated mirrors, that’s a nice luxury, but always get the mirrors.

  • Step 3

    Clean the top of your vehicle. That’s a ticket! Oh, you people! If you don’t clear the top of your car, then you deserve a ticket. Here’s the deal, the snow falls on your car because you’re the guy behind it, right? I’m OUT on those people! 

  • Step 4

    Put gas in your car because you don’t want to be that guy stuck out there. Now you’re backing things up when the plows are out there. If you’re behind the plows and run out of gas—don’t be that guy.

  • Step 5

    Lastly, fill up your windshield washer fluid. Make sure you get your washer fluid because if you don’t have that, you won’t be able to see. Therefore, it’s going to be an awful ride.

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  • Recap

    Fill your gas tank, fill your washer fluid, start your car first, have wipers in the upright position, and make sure to wipe your lights.

    And, of course, take your time. 


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