Toucher and Rich: Best of 2018: Bird's Crib, Mike Gorman and Marchand rides with Haggs (Hour 3)

On this hour:  Today's best of 2018 is Bird's Crib.  Mike Gorman calls in to discuss the Celtics.  Brad Marchand went on a ride with Joe Haggerty.  Brad says what gifts he'd get his teammates and who deserves coal in his stocking.

Toucher and Rich: Mike Giardi "Tom brady is favoring his left side" (Hour 2)

On this hour:  Nest video hackers are contacting people in thier homes.  Mike Giardi from NFL netwok join the show and discusses who's doing all that typing in the confrence calls.  Tom Brady is favoring his left side and more.  Is Brady hurt more than he's leading on?  Plus more!

Toucher and Rich: Belichick won't second gues Brady (Hour 1)

On this hour:  Sarge Bagged out of filling in for Wallach and Fred wants to know why.  Belichick and McDaniels addressed the Steelers game in yesterday's conference calls.  Skip Bayless and Shannon Shapre started screaming at each other yeaterday.  Plus more!

Toucher and Rich: Will Brinson, Technology is Watching, & The Stack (Hour 4)

On this hour:  Will Brinson from CBSSports.com joins T&R.  Will discusses the Patriots and the state of the NFL heading toward the playoffs.  He says look out for the Chargers and Colts.  Rich has stories about technology and stealing during the holiday season.  The Stack features Marcus Peters sideline altercation and the most shazamed song…

Toucher and Rich: Best of 2018 - "Local Band or A Race Horse?" And Bob Wylie Christmas (Hour 3)

On this hour:  Best of 2018 - "Is It A Bad Local Band or a Race Horse?"  Fred says Sam Darnold is way better than Baker Mayfield and thinks Mayfield will be out of the league in a few years.  The Cleveland Browns came out with a Bob Wylie Christmas promo.  Then we learn Bob…

Toucher and Rich: A Dedicated Caller To Curt Schilling's Show (Hour 2)

On this hour:  A dedicated caller to Curt Schilling's show loves to rip him, and he doesn't help himself out with his comebacks.  Jeff Howe from The Athletic calls in and discusses the Patriots' issues and the culture of the locker room in past seasons. Artie Lang looks terrible in his court appearance.

Toucher and Rich: All The Best Teams In The NFL Aren't Looking Good (Hour 1)

On this hour:  Sarge won't be filling in for Wallach tomorrow.  The Bruins looked great in a 4-0 win over Montreal.  Tom Brady joined Jim Gray, and says the dynasty isn't over.  Former Patriots right tackle Damien Woody says Rob Gronkowski is falling off a cliff, and it's killing Brady. The Saints win over Carolina in…

Toucher and Rich: Bob Socci, Quitting Your Job Publicly, & The Stack (Hour 4)

On this hour:  Patriots play-by-play announcer, Bob Socci calls in and discusses the upcoming game with Buffalo, what went wrong in Pittsburgh, and more.  A Walmart employee quit his job over the loudspeaker this weekend and we have the must hear audio.  Plus, The Stack features nobody wanted to play with Maroon 5 during the…

Toucher and Rich: Recovering From The Holiday Party & 'Around The NFL' (Hour 3)

On this hour:  Toucher & Rich had their annual holiday party Friday, and the station party was the same time.  Things got crazy late night. Plus, we go "Around the NFL." Minnesota crushed Miami after they beat the Pats.  Will Foles get paid in the offseason?  Plus more!

Toucher and Rich: Troy Brown On Patriots Loss In Pittsburgh (Hour 2)

On this hour: Troy Brown joins Fred and Rich in-studio for the hour.  Troy goes over the loss in Pittsburgh.  Why didn't the team make any roster moves to better the team in the off-season?  Will drastic roster moves be made this coming off-season? What will things be like at Gillette after the loss today?…

Toucher and Rich: There's Nobody Special On The Patriots Roster (Hour 1)

On this hour:  The Patriots lost to the Steelers.  There's nobody special on the roster anymore.  Toucher & Rich go over highlights, post game sound, and calls come in.  Plus the Bruins lost -- but there's good news on Bergeron.

Toucher and Rich: Fred's Putting Together Puzzles & Rock N' Roll Mike Christmas (Hour 4)

On this hour:  Fred has started putting a puzzle together and it's now a passion.  Local stadium food violations.  The Stack features Rock N' Roll Mike's latest Christmas song 'Jingle Balls'.  Plus more!

Toucher and Rich: Best of 2018 - The Red Sox Banner Guys (Hour 3)

On this hour:  Best of 2018 is the 2 local heroes that found the Boston Red Sox AL East Champs banner.  Fred's dad calls in to talk about Christmas and the Steelers.  There was a great Dennis Eckersley documentary yesterday, and he talks about partying, David Price and Love.  Plus more!

Toucher and Rich: Newest Cover Of 'Africa' & Bert Breer In-Studio (Hour 2)

On this hour:  Weezer covered Toto's "Africa" this summer and it was a huge hit.  Which rap sensation is the latest to cover the song?  Plus, Bert Breer from MMQB joins the show and discusses last night's Los Angeles Chargers win over the Kansas City Chiefs on Thursday Night Football. Breer also previews this Sunday's…

Toucher and Rich: Stephen A. Smith Didn't Do His Homework (Hour 1)

On this hour:  Thursday Night Football ended with the Los Angeles Chargers beating Kansas City on the final play.  Stephen A. Smith clearly didn't do his homework before the game.  He mentioned players who've been out with injuries all season as keys to the game. Plus, you can get someone pregnant while they're already pregnant?  Marshall…

Toucher and Rich: Danny Ainge On The Health Of The Celtics & Lebron Heading To The Garden (Hour 4)

On this hour:  Celtics President of Basketball Operations, Danny Ainge joins the show and discusses the health of the team and the recent play of Robert Williams.  Fred asks if Lebron James is coming to the Celtics because of his "...see you at the Garden..." comments.  A caller thanks Fred for encouraging him to see…

Toucher and Rich: 2018 Best Of: Ace On The Case & Sad Christmas Cards (Hour 3)

On this hour: Best of 2018 Tales from City Council Meetings.  Dave Richard from CBS Sports.com calls in and discusses Week 15 fantasy football.  Sad Christmas cards are discussed and more!

Toucher and Rich: The Bank Roll Boys And Atlanta's Overreaction To The MLS Cup (Hour 2)

On this hour:  The Bank Roll Boys from Over/Under 98.5 talk heavy betting and give the 'degenerate special,' which is a New England football team.  Rick Kamla and the Hug-It-Out Crew had a gross over-reaction to Atlanta winning the MLS cup.  Joe Kelly signed with the Dodgers and who will sign Craig Kimbrel for too…

Toucher and Rich: Celtics Win An Exciting Game In D.C. (Hour 1)

On this hour:  What ever happened to the Gunner? Has anyone heard from Adolfo?  The Celtics won an exciting game against the Washington Wizards last night.  Kyrie Irving, Marcus Morris and others led the way.  Joe Kelly signed with the Los Angeles Dodgers and Craig Kimbrel wants too much money.  Former Patriots running back Stevan…

Toucher and Rich: Best of 2018: Ray Lewis Hall of Fame Speech (Hour 3)

On this hour:  Best of 2018: Ray Lewis Hall of Fame Speech.  The latest recreational marijuana shop is open to the public in Salem.  Bird tries to tell a story about eating an edible.  Mike Gorman joins the show and discusses Robert Williams, Al Horford's health, and Tommy Heinsohn's absence.

Toucher and Rich: Dude & Bird Are Back, Plus Billy Jaffe Talks Bruins (Hour 2)

On this hour:  Dude and Bird are back, and Bird puts people in the Bird cage. He also has a new theme song.  Billy Jaffe from NESN joins the show and discusses the Bruins.  Billy goes over the good and bad from the recent wins and losses.  Plus what move the team could make. 

Toucher and Rich: Bruins Win & X-Rays In Oakland Aren't Up To Date (Hour 1)

On this hour:  It's the end of the year, and things are getting busy.  The Bruins win after being down 0-2.  Krejci meshed well with Marchand and Pasternak.  Red Sox Winter Meetings had some interesting news.  Mike Tomlin and Ben Roethlisberger confirmed the X-Ray machines in Oakland weren't up to date.  Plus more!