Toucher and Rich: Jared Carrabis Talks Red Sox, Plus 'Impractical Jokers' (Hour 4)

On this hour:  Jared Carrabis from Barstool Sports joins Toucher & Rich to discuss the Red Sox win and World Series Game 1 starter.  James Murray from Impractical Jokers joins the show in-studio. Murray talks about their shows at Foxwoods and the TD Garden, the times the cops were called on them, and more.  The Stack…

Toucher and Rich: What Should The Red Sox World Series Starting Rotation Be? (Hour 3)

On this hour:  What should the starting rotation be for the Red Sox in the World Series?  Price, Sale or Eovaldi, who gets the Game 1 nod?  Chris "Mad Dog" Russo went on a rant about the MLB Playoffs TV starting times.  Fred ran into a former psychiatrist of his at a bar.  Plus more!

Toucher and Rich: Bert Breer Previews Sunday's Patriots Game (Hour 2)

On this hour:  Toucher & Rich go over the Red Sox World Series berth.  Bert Breer joins the show in-studio and discusses Josh Rosen, The Oakland Raiders and if Mack will play against the Patriots.  Bert says Trubisky could be a bust a few years down the road.  He thinks the Patriots will win by…

Toucher and Rich: Boston Red Sox Are Heading To The World Series (Hour 1)

On this hour:  The Red Sox clinched the American League Championship, and are now headed to the World Series.  Fred and Rich go over highlights and postgame sound from last night.  What should the Red Sox starting rotation be?  Should Chris Sale go first or third?  John Henry wasn't present during the celebrations.  Was he…

Toucher and Rich: Danny Ainge Agrees With Fred On Fan Interference (Hour 4)

On this hour:  Celtics President of Operations and former MLB / NBA player Danny Ainge joins the show.  Danny agrees with Fred that Betts was closing his glove too early.  Danny also talks about the Celtics and Kyrie Irving and Gordon Hayward's health.  We hear the radio call from Houston radio on the fan interference. …

Toucher and Rich: The Show Conducts A "Science Experiment" On The Betts Catch (Hour 3)

On this hour:  Fred, Rich, and Wallach re-create the Mookie Betts catch in the most scientific way they can.  Dave Richard from CBSSports.com calls in and discusses this weeks fantasy football match ups.  Plus more on the fan interference.

Toucher and Rich: Bank Roll Boys, Bill Koch from the Providence Journal (Hour 2)

On this hour:  The Bank Roll Boys discuss this weeks heavy betting.  Bill Koch from the Providence Journal discusses last night's Red Sox game and if Mookie Betts was interfered with.  Toucher & Rich go deep on the fan interference call.  Fred doesn't think the fan interfered at all.

Toucher and Rich: Red Sox Win, Mookie Betts Controversial Fan Interference (Hour 1)

On this hour:  Red Sox take Game 4 to go up 3-1 on Houston in the ALCS.  There were many great defensive plays in the game.  Mookie Betts was interfered with on a potential Jose Altuve home run.  Fred doesn't think Betts would have made the catch.  Plus more!

Toucher and Rich: Is Steve Pearce Good? (Hour 4)

On this hour:  Toucher & Rich go over the the Red Sox-Astros series.  Is Steve Pearce good? Fred thinks he's a jabroni, but callers disagree.  The Stack features Kevin Garnett swearing on TV and 'The Conners' killed off Roseanne.

Toucher and Rich: "Guy From Machine Pyramid" & NBC Sports Boston's Mike Gorman (Hour 3)

On this hour: Nick played a game with the Guy from Machine.  NBC Sports Boston's Celtics play-by-play announcer Mike Gorman calls in and discusses the team's start, until Wallach interrupts him.  Peter Gammons has to stop tweeting and more!

Toucher and Rich: What Establishments Have You Been Banned From? (Hour 2)

On this hour: The person who threw a beer on Tyreek Hill on Sunday night has been sent a "Letter of Disinvite" from Gillette Stadium and the Patriots.  Have you ever been banned from an establishment?  Calls come flooding in.  Wallach is calling the Celtics game Saturday night in New York.  Do the 76ers have…

Toucher and Rich: Red Sox Win Game 3 And Celtics Win Opening Night (Hour 1)

On this hour:  Fred is upset that Nick didn't show up to his house to set up his bike yesterday.  The Red Sox won game 3 of the ALCS.  Jayson Tatum came out on fire in the home opener against the 76ers last night.  Joel Embiid says there's no rivalry between the Celtics and 76ers. …

Toucher and Rich: Celtics Voice Sean Grande & Malden Football (Hour 4)

On this hour: Sean Grande, the radio voice of the Boston Celtics joins the show. Fred wants his bike tricked out. Malden High School's Football team forfeits their upcoming game against Everett due to injuries.

Toucher and Rich: Will Brinson from CBSSports.com & Aaron Hernandez (Hour 3)

On this hour: Aaron Hernandez's former New England Patriots teammates described his erratic behavior in a Spotlight series in The Boston Globe. Will Brinson from CBSsports.com calls in to discuss the Patriots' 43-40 victory over the undefeated Kansas City Chiefs.

Toucher and Rich: Beer Throwing Fan "Disinvited" & Bird's Night Out (Hour 2)

Callers weigh in on the beer throwing fan who's been "disinvited" from Gillette Stadium and share similar stories they've been thrown out. Bird had a problem with Fred and Nick for texting him during his 2 year anniversary dinner. Fred wants to be praised for donating money to a fundraiser.

Toucher and Rich: Celtics Home Opener & Fred's New Bike (Hour 1)

On this hour: The Boston Celtics open their season at the TD Garden tonight. A New England fan has been banned from future events at Gillette Stadium for throwing a beer at Tyreek Hill. Alex Cora gives an update on Chris Sale's condition after going to the hospital. Nick is going over Fred's house to…

Toucher and Rich: Bob Socci and Gary Gulman In-Studio (Hour 4)

On this hour:  Bob Socci calls in and has no time for Sony Michel Haters.  Gary Gulman comes in-studio and discusses his depressions and anxiety.  Wallach gets up and storms out of the room.  Where did he go? 

Toucher and Rich: Rich Hosted An Auction, It Didn't Go As Planned (Hour 3)

On this hour:  Once again Country Joe West made ACLS Game 2 all about himself.  Should robots call balls and strikes?  Kevin McNamara from the Providence Journal joins the show to discuss the Red Sox. We learned last week that our Celtics play by play guy, Sean Grande is getting married to Dana Jacobson from CBS…

Toucher and Rich: Troy Brown Talks Patriots & Chiefs In-Studio (Hour 2)

On this hour:  Former Patriots receiver Troy Brown joins Toucher & Rich in-studio.  The guys talk about last night's crazy game between the Patriots and Chiefs.  They also touch on the debate of who is better between Travis Kelce and Rob Gronkowski; plus Rob Ninkovich's comments over the weekend and the days that Bill Belichick…

Toucher and Rich: Patriots & Red Sox Win Big Games (Hour 1)

On this hour:  The Patriots won a crazy offensive battle over the Chiefs at Gillette Stadium last night.  Fred & Rich play highlights from the game.  Also last night, the Red Sox beat the Astros. David Price was decent and Craig Kimbrel scared everyone again.  A call comes in on Fred's coaching job from over…

Toucher and Rich: Bert Breer On Gronk, Kelce, And The Giants (Hour 4)

On this hour:  Bert Breer from The MMQB joins Fred & Rich in-studio.  Bert discusses Gronk vs Kelce, who's the better tight end. Also, could Jamie Collins come back to New England?  Plus, Bert gives his take on Odell Beckham and the Giants fading offense. 

Toucher and Rich: Kanye West at the White House (Hour 3)

Onb this hour:  Kanye West went to the White House yesterday and started talking about a lot of things that didn't end up making sense.  Brian Smith from the Houston Chronicle calls in and discusses the Red Sox - Astros series.  Plus more from Kanye West.

Toucher and Rich: Mark Gemelli "Cribs," Plus Fred Can't Poop (Hour 2)

On this hour:  The latest edition of Sports Hub Cribs features Mahk Gemelli.  Mark reveals how many recliners he has, the best view from the apartment, and a lot more.  Fred is worried because he is constipated.  Which Sunday night game will you be watching between the Red Sox and Patriots?

Toucher & Rich: Bruins Win & Fred Thinks Giants Made A Mistake (Hour 1)

On this hour:  Nick Gemelli is in after his dad's 'Cribs' episode aired yesterday.  Bruins win 4-1.  Jalen Ramsey responds to Stephon Gilmore calling him a zone corner.  Did the Giants make a mistake taking Barkley over a quarterback?

Toucher and Rich: Danny Ainge Discusses Kyrie, Hayward, Smart, And More (Hour 4)

On this hour:  Boston Celtics President of Basketball Operations, Danny Ainge joins the show this hour.  Danny discusses Kyrie Irving, saying he's coming back to Boston. Plus Gordon Hayward's health, Marcus Smart's suspension and more.  Could Jamie Collins be headed back to Foxboro?  The Stack features a 77 pack of Natty Light and more!