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Fred Toucher reveals no recent communication with former co-host

During a recent segment of the Toucher & Hardy program, Fred Toucher addressed questions from a caller regarding his current communication status with his former co-host, Rich. Toucher's responses offered candid insights into the dynamics of their relationship post-separation. When questioned about his last interaction with Rich, Toucher admitted, "I haven't talked to Rich." He went on to explain that the lack of communication didn't come as a surprise, highlighting the It be weird he would feel if contacted by Rich. Toucher also reflected on the challenges of adapting to change in the radio industry, acknowledging the unique relationship between hosts and their audience. He discussed the evolution of recurring segments like "Brookline 911," shedding light on their infrequent appearances within the broader spectrum of the show's content over its 17-year history. Fred did wish the best for Rich's endeavors while admitting to being out of the loop regarding his what he's been up to. WATCH HERE: Nick Gemelli is a Producer on Toucher & Hardy and contributor for Follow Nick at @NickGemelli on Twitter. Follow @ToucherandHardy on Twitter and @Toucherandhardyofficial to keep up with the show! [select-listicle listicle_id="325787" syndication_name="sports-hub-personalities-paired-with-1980s-sitcom-characters" description="yes"]

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