Boston Bruins


The Bruins disappointing 50 year run

The Bruins season is over and it was another year of being one of the best teams in the NHL and losing playoff games on home ice and another season without raising the Stanley cup. I will say that this season was a passing grade considering the success of last season and the roster changes. Reminder, last season the Bruins broke the record for most wins in a season and were bounced by Florida at home in game 7. The disappointment is real, the Bruins over the last 20 years have been one of the best teams in the NHL and have one championship to show for it winning the Stanley Cup in 2011. The Bruins are part of the six one and done champions in the NHL since 2000. New Jersey, Colorado, Detroit, Chicago, LA Kings, Tampa Bay and Pittsburgh all one multiple championships during that time. The Bruins went three times and came away with one cup. They had other seasons where they didn't make the final and were one of the best teams in hockey. To put more salt on the wound, the Bruins have been to the Stanley Cup Finals 8 times in the last 50 years and only have one championship. They are the most disappointing franchise to win only once during that time. Look at some of the other local teams during that time The Patriots have made it to the Super Bowl eleven times and won six championships. The Celtics have gone to the finals 10 times and have six. The Red Sox have home six times and won 4 World Series. The Bruins going eight times and coming away with one? Granted, they could be Toronto never making it. The Buffalo Bills lost four straight Super Bowls. I'll take the championship every single time. There is no question the Bruins winning once in 50 years is a disappointment.

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