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March Is Music In Our School Month, 4 Great Programs To Know

Nowadays, it seems each month (or day) is dedicated to some kind of celebration. March however, is a very important one that may be flying under the radar. It's Music In Our Schools Month. The National Association for Music Education explains how this time of year is an opportunity to focus on the resources and development of music education across academic communities across the country. "The purpose of MIOSM is to raise awareness of the importance of music education for all children – and to remind citizens that school is where all children should have access to music," NAFME says. A crucial part of the success of this month's efforts is thanks to the music teachers. At this time, they are able to utilize their platform to showcase the immense impact of music and the arts in their school systems. Furthermore, they can highlight what contributions still need to be made. In my local school, this week each year there is an event called All School Concert. Although there are various drives, and support efforts to advance the arts in the area, this particular concert is not one of them. In fact, this is where everyone sees the ripple effect of having such programs in place. It starts with the youngest eligible grade playing as band ensemble before a jam-packed auditorium. During my first experience attending this event, the 5th grade erupted into an amazing medley of Queen songs. From there each grade, one-by-one, plays until you reach the seniors. As a grand finale, each student in the music program plays the same song. From novice 1o-year-olds, to 18-year-olds on their way to college, each kid played the same song in unison. About an hour into the night, the program director speaks and highlights the incredible achievements throughout the year. Then the senior "captain" grabs the mic and delivers a valedictorian send-off. This usually results in not a dry eye in the place. Music in our schools inspires youth to explore their creativity and serves as an unmatched form of self-expression. Here Are Some Music Programs In Massachusetts To Be Aware Of Music Drives Us - a nonprofit organization that provides instruments to schools, grants to students, and opportunities for schools to purchase necessary equipment. Groton Hill Music Center - a place that shares the transformative power of music through youth classes, performances, and giving efforts. South Shore Conservatory - an arts education community with two campuses. They offer music programs, dance lessons, and creative arts therapy. School of Rock - 10 franchises in Massachusetts, were kids can learn guitar, piano, drums, and vocals. They are then arranged into bands and perform around their communities. They also offer a wide range of camps. [select-listicle listicle_id="725810" syndication_name="notable-titles-streaming-march" description="yes"]

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