Mazz: As owners and players flail, the magic number for MLB looks like $1.5 billion

Last year, according to reports, MLB players made in the range of $4.58 billion. A prorated portion of that number based on a 50-game schedule comes to $1.4 billion, which now tells us everything we need to know.
For the owners of MLB teams, allowing a little more room for negotiation, that is what they will pay players – again, it’s an estimate – or the season won’t be played at all.

Mazz: Be careful, Baseball, because you're losing us

Earth to baseball: you’re losing us. And the fact that you’re losing us now should tell you something. Now make of this what you will, but I recently asked, on Twitter, the simple question of whether people wanted baseball to return in 2020. A whopping 60 percent basically said no.

Mazz: For starters, safety rules ain't worth spit

In the midst of a global pandemic, certain rules make all the sense in the world. Others don’t. Outside the foul lines and between innings? The more the better. But if were going to go through all these measures … isn’t the point so that players can play the game on the field without significant limitation?