Boston Bruins


Bruins reveal full injury list from regular season, playoffs

When it comes to the Bruins, and the entire National Hockey League for that matter, nobody is healthy in May. Not if they gave everything they possibly could in pursuit of a Stanley Cup, anyway. And during that quest to lift hockey's ultimate prize, players and teams keep injuries and injury updates not just closely guarded, but behind 10 doors, each of which requiring a more intense and intricate password than the one before. But once it ends, the proverbial vow of silence is lifted, with most players willingly to talk about what they went through over the course of the 82-game grind and/or postseason. It's not an excuse for anybody's play, but rather an acknowledgement of the battle within the battle, and with the player finally able to tell you a secret they kept with them for days, weeks, or months.

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