Mazz: In 2020, McGwire and Sosa aren't walking through that door

Last night, conveniently and as baseball continued what certainly feels like another labor war, ESPN aired “Long Gone Summer,” the documentary that highlighted Mark McGwire, Sammy Sosa and the pursuit of baseball’s single-season home run record, once regarded as the most significant record in all of sports. The price for baseball back then was that the record now means nothing at all, swallowed by a steroid era that made McGwire and Sosa look like caricatures of themselves.

Mazz: Time for Manfred and baseball to call the union's bluff

When Manfred wanted to aggressively pursue pace-of-play initiatives, the union stood in his way. MLB allies then told us that Manfred had the power to unilaterally impose a pitch clock, but he never used that power. Now the union is threatening Manfred to unilaterally impose a 50-game schedule, presumably because union officials think he won’t do that, either.

Mazz: Yes, in 2020, Julian Edelman has something to prove

Last year, despite a career high in receiving yards, Edelman’s play had slipped by year’s end. During the regular season, he led the NFL with a whopping 13 drops. Maybe that was the result of injury, maybe that was the result of overall workload resulting from four Super Bowl appearances in the five previous years, maybe it was the result of … age.

Sylver: What if? The thrilling conclusion to the 2020 NBA season

By Sean Sylver, 98.5 The Sports Hub Basketball is back! Sort of. The NBA Board of Governors approved plans for a truncated regular season and full postseason emanating from Walt Disney World in Orlando, Fl. Play is scheduled to begin July 31. While the league anticipates crowning a 2019-20 champion, COVID-19 has already dramatically altered the trajectory…

Mazz: Be careful, Baseball, because you're losing us

Earth to baseball: you’re losing us. And the fact that you’re losing us now should tell you something. Now make of this what you will, but I recently asked, on Twitter, the simple question of whether people wanted baseball to return in 2020. A whopping 60 percent basically said no.