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Mazz: Tom Brady, Jimmy Garoppolo and the succession plan that never came to be

In the span of roughly two years, after having what Belichick himself called “the best quarterback situation in the league,” the Patriots effectively lost both Brady and Garoppolo for a second-round pick in 2018 and a compensatory selection in the 2021 draft, which feels like one of the worst examples of roster management in the history of all professional sports.

Shaq's Final Act

By Sean Sylver, 98.5 The Sports Hub “Am I allowed to put my arm around you when you’re on the bench?” “Of course. I’m a statue.” “Can I put my son in your lap?” “Of course. I’m a statue.” So went the exchange - ten years ago - between Fred Toucher of the Toucher & Rich program…

Mazz: The 2020 season proved that baseball should implement changes

But this isn’t about the Dodgers, the Rays or the World Series, per se. It’s about the state and future of baseball – assuming there is one. If 2020 just proved that 60 games is all we need, then maybe it’s time for baseball to take a good, hard look at what it can do to improve its product and adapt to the times.