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Mazz: Kyrie Irving is nothing but a big baby

And so this time, Kyrie engineered his own operation, recruiting Kevin Durant and signing with his favorite team as a child, the Nets. And he’s not happy now, either. Not long after Kyrie went AWOL for reasons only Kyrie understands, the Brooklyn Nets this week acquired the ballooning James Harden, adding fat to an escalating grease fire.

Deadpool 3 is Officially Part of the MCU

Rumors have been swirling around since Disney bought 20th Century Fox in 2019. The biggest of which was about Deadpool becoming part of the MCU. This then arose the question about how Disney would handle the hard R-rating attached to the franchise. Marvel Studios president, Kevin Feige recently opened up about Deadpool 3 and what to…

5 Brain Health Supplements You Need Today

An important piece of healthy living is healthy eating. There are incredible benefits to having a nutrient-dense diet, but sometimes, our bodies need a little boost. This is where brain health supplements come in - they can help fill a nutritional gap you may have, and help us live healthier, happier lives. When you’re not…

Smart Home Tech Trends For 2021

You’ve spent so much time at home in 2020, you’re probably ready for a refresh to kick-off 2021. Update your home sweet home with these smart home tech additions to make life just a little bit easier. Because after this crazy year, we all deserve a break. We’ve organized these 10 smart home trends by…

Mazz: Trade Andrew Benintendi? Sure, but the Red Sox had better get it right

Now, is it possible that Benintendi is a victim of launch angle and analytics? Absolutely. What Benintendi was, out of college, was a true, bona fide baseball player, which is something that isn’t really valued much anymore. If the Red Sox took that and tried to change it – unsuccessfully after taking Benintendi with the seventh pick of the 2015 MLB draft – that is entirely on them.