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Community Of Caring: A Future In The Digital World Can Start At The Piano, Basketball Court Or Paint Easel

By Lora Lewis Lots of kids prefer gaming and social media to activities such as basketball, theater class or piano lessons.  Here’s the irony, putting down the console or phone can actually help sharpen their playing abilities today, and their future digital careers tomorrow! The skills learned in sports, playing music, painting, or writing a…

Mazz: With The 2019 Red Sox, Aces Are Low

The Red Sox are now 9-11 behind Price this season and just 8-14 behind Chris Sale, a combined record of 17-25 that would translate into roughly 66-96 over a 162-game schedule. More importantly, the Sox are just 1-3 behind Price and Sale since beginning their 14-game gauntlet against New York and Tampa Bay – and 5-0 behind everybody else.