Meet Bill Belichick’s Girlfriend Jordon Hudson, What We Know About The 24 Year Old Former Cheerleader

Meet Bill Belichick's girlfriend. Her name is Jordon Hudson and the two have been dating longer than many think. The relationship has just become public recently but word is the two have been dating since 2022 soon after Bill's relationship with Linda Holliday ended. Not much is known about the 24 year old former cheerleader. But social media says a lot. But before we get to her stats, let's get into how the two met. Bill Belichick and Jordon Hudson met on a flight According to TMZ, Bill and Jordon met on a flight from Boston to Florida back in 2021. The two supposedly bonded over a philosophy project she was working on. The two exchanged numbers and became friendly over the passing time. The timing of their relationship is a little sketchy seeing as Bill and his long time girlfriend Linda Holliday just broke up in September of 2023. Rumor has it Bill and Jordon may have started getting closer well before that and as early as 2022. Bill and Jordon have been secretly dating for possibly two years Even though Bill and Linda's relationship allegedly ended in September of 2023, the word is it had been over since 2022. Bill and Jordon had been secretly seeing each other according to sources as early as 2022. Jordon had been seen at Patriots games several times in the 2022 and 2023 seasons although she is a Patriots fan which you can easily see by her IG account. Bill was also seen supporting Jordon at a cheerleading competition back in March where Jordon was either competing or coaching with her all star team (will mention below). Jordon was also with Bill at Tom Brady's Patriots Hall of Fame induction last week. Now, here is what we know about the 24 year old who stole Bill's heart.

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