Toucher & Hardy

Toucher & Hardy

Rich traveled west to Phoenix for a week to broadcast Toucher & Rich live from Super Bowl radio row. During his time in the desert, he found an old school retro arcade bar!

What he found inside surprised him…

  • Rich

    Rich standing in front of arcade bar in Phoenix (via @Toucherandrich on Twitter)

  • Rich: I’m here in Phoenix, Arizona. I stumbled into one of those retro arcade bars that seem to be all the rage nowadays. This place is called Cobra Arcade. It’s fantastic! 

    It’s got good food. All the machines are excellent and in good condition.   

    But they have a game that I did not expect to see—the holy Grail of weird arcade games—Michael Jackson’s ‘Moonwalker.’ I honestly thought some secret society got rid of all these things.   

  • Rich: Yes, it’s a Michael Jackson themed video game. You are Michael Jackson in the video game, but I’m not sure what the plot of the video game is. 

    It starts with somebody taking a child away from him. That truly upsets Michael Jackson, as you can tell by him screaming, ‘No!’   

    As you’re walking around, you have two buttons, one where you shoot this weird phaser-type thing. The other one is a dance button. When you press that, he starts dancing, which apparently possesses everybody else on the board to dance. Then, they explode!   

    The other thing is he seems to want to be collecting children everywhere he goes—that’s the prize.   

    Quite possibly, the most surreal part of this game is that there’s a powerup that’s a monkey—Bubbles the Chimp. When you walk into Bubbles the Chimp, it turns Michael Jackson into a giant robotic overlord, shooting lasers from his eyes! 

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