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Matt & Ty get into a number of topics surrounding the Boston Bruins, with plenty of news and rumors to cover. Plus: more summer banter, including their “Big 3” ice cream truck products, and a potentially iconic discussion about “chocolate bread.”

(8:00) The guys waited to record, in the event that the Bruins announced their new head coach. But the news never came, so they give their latest thoughts on David Quinn and other candidates for the job, plus ideas to fill out the staff.

(23:07) GM Don Sweeney is officially re-signed, and it sounds like Bruins ownership is happy with their recent streak making the playoffs under his leadership. But haven’t Sweeney’s mistakes actually held the team back?

(43:06) The guys pick their “Big 3” ice cream truck products. It leads to a fascinating discussion about ice cream sandwiches…

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