Matt and Ty had a lot to get to with everything that happened in the NFL last weekend, as well as the Bruins. But first they discuss the newest Rock & Roll Hall of Fame nominees and what needs to change, before diving into the sports world.

The rundown…

(11:45) Tom Brady was retiring, but then he wasn’t, but then confirmed it and snubbed all of New England in the process. Matt and Ty do their best to unpack the chaos.

(33:00) Bill Belichick’s ongoing struggles with technology could be what finally makes the Roger Goodell regime crumble in the NFL. The guys talk about Brian Flores’ lawsuit against the NFL and owners’ questionable handling of the “Rooney Rule.”

(48:00) The Bruins had a few incidents on their last road trip. Matt & Ty discuss the merits of “answering” for a big hit and the way NHL players police themselves.

(58:00) For this week’s “Big 3,” in honor of the Washington Football Team’s name change, the guys pick the team names they want to be real someday. There are some wild picks in here…

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