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Matt & Ty are back with a new episode on the Bruins and everything around them. A full hour’s worth! Well, almost. That, plus some movie talk and a food-centric “Big 3.”

  • (1:00) Matt & Ty start off with a little movie talk. What was a bad movie that they wanted to see anyway, because it was so bad?

    (7:15) The guys recap Ty’s appearance on Felger and Mazz. Among the topics are the expectations for the team in the playoffs and the latest trade deadline buzz.

    (24:13) Big-picture thoughts emerging from the Bruins’ last three games. Can a team like Seattle give them a scare in the playoffs? Could this be the year Auston Matthews and Toronto can get by them? And what will their defense look like by the time they get to the playoffs?

    (49:33) The guys pick their “Big 3” food & drink combinations.

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