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Toucher & Hardy

Toucher & Hardy

It’s the Friday before February vacation for Fred Toucher, and it’s time to kick back and relax. Or, in other words, Shoot the Breeze . . .

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    Beach destinations are always a favorite for the holidays and 2021 sees this trend going strong. The bottom line for travelers: if any of these hotspots sound appealing, be sure to firm up travel plans soon for the best options and availability.

  • Fred: Alright, Joe, what did you say? You said that people want to hear a bit. You requested that we do something. 

    Joe: Oh, Shoot the Breeze? 

    Wallach: Are we doing that? It’s the morning show version of the Barth-tender. 

    Fred: We’ll see if we get any phone calls. 617-779-0985. It’s just like having a lemonade on the front porch. It’s just like sitting in a rocking chair. Ok, Dave, go ahead…

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  • Caller: I had lunch with Rita Moreno about 20 years ago. I thought you’d be interested to hear that because I know she’s often a topic of conversation. 

    Fred: I would have sex with Rita Moreno at the age of 92. I could make love to her easily without any help. 

    Wallach: You’re not kidding about this. Seriously? 

    Fred: Have you seen how she looks? She doesn’t even look like she’s had plastic surgery. She looks like a young woman. 

  • 80 for brady

    LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA – JANUARY 31: (L-R) Rita Moreno, Tom Brady, Sally Field, Lily Tomlin and Jane Fonda attend the Los Angeles premiere screening of Paramount Pictures’ “80 for Brady” at Regency Village Theatre on January 31, 2023 in Los Angeles, California. (Photo by Jon Kopaloff/Getty Images)

  • Wallach: She’s 85. 

    Fred: No, she’s 92. 

    Wallach: Alright, I thought you were exaggerating. 

    Fred: Was she beautiful that day you had lunch with her? 

    Caller: She was. 

    Fred: So, you’re having lunch with Rita Moreno. She slides her hand on your thigh and says, “Let’s go to my room.” Are you going? 

    Caller: I would have gone. 

    Fred: Yes. See, that’s saying something. Shootin’ the Breeze. 617-779-0985. I’m the Fred-tender. Ray, go ahead . . .

  • beach

    List based on AAA Travel advance air and tour bookings, July 1–5, 2021

  • Caller: Hey, guys. Hey. This is more of a public service announcement, but my mom had some old vegetables in her fridge, and I had to get rid of them. So, I threw them over our fence. I threw a zucchini over the fence that hit a skunk and the skunk sprayed. I just wanted to let you know that the skunks are out right now. 

    Fred: That is an excellent PSA for people. Skunks are out right now and they can be very vicious. And watch out for zucchinis. Are you sure the zucchini hit the skunk? You throw zucchini into someone’s property, I mean, anything goes. 

  • skunk

    (Coutesty: Pat Gaines – Flickr)

  • Dan: What are you doing throwing stuff over your neighbor’s fence? I’d throw the zucchini back over. And the skunk. 

    Fred: Maybe he was composting for his neighbor. 

    Dan: Compost in your own yard.

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