Toucher & Rich: Nick & Bird $100,000 Pyramid & Goodbye to Amy Lawrence (Hour 3)

On this hour:  Nick and bird play $100,000 pyramid.  They take turns giving clues on the answer.  This morning was Amy Lawrence's final show on the Sports Hub.  T&R look back on our favorite moments and callers including Zolak tells theirs.  T&R go over 76ers and the Celtics

Toucher & Rich: Brookline 911 & Dwight Howard says he's not gay (Hour 2)

On this hour:  Brookline 911 features calls about "Found fire hydrants" Smoking and No shirt.  Dwight Howard say down for an interview and discussed a law suit alleging he's gay.  He says he's not but it really opened his eyes.  plus more!

Toucher & Rich: Red Sox pitching crushed by Toronto (Hour 1)

On this hour:  Geddy Lee from Rush is supposed to call in today.  The Red Sox pitching was hit hard again in a loss to Toronto.  Even hitters who can't hit are mashing against Boston.  T&R go over the 76ers and if they are a real threat to win the East.  What percent chance Gronkowski…

Toucher & Rich: Brookline 911 (Hour 3)

On this hour:  Things in the studio start breaking just in time for us to play a bit.  Smoking, Fire hydrants and people walking around with no shirts.  T&R play Brookline 911.  Will Sony Michel be a bust in 2019?  Rich is headed to Encore tonight

Toucher and Rich: NFL players are angry about their madden 20 ratings (Hour 1)

On this hour:  Yesterday was the 98.5 the Sports hub golf tournament and Wallach was flexing.  The Red Sox won a strange game.  Madden 20 rating are out and Keenan Allen is very unhappy about it and took to social media to complain.  plus more!