Toucher & Rich: The Bruins Winner Is Announced (Hour 4)

The winner of the Bruins Super Fan contest is announced.  The judges give their opinions and Fred, Rich Wallach and Nick pick the winner.  Bruins 2011 Stanley Cup montage.  The Bruins held a scrimmage last night to shake the rust off.  Brad Marchand hurt his hand.  Pasternak says he was trolling people.  The Stack features…

Toucher and Rich: Bruins Super Fan Contest (Hour 3)

On this hour: We meet the judges of the Bruins Super fan contest.  Xanadude, Bruins Ultimate Warrior and Big Scary Man Guy tell about about themselves.  Then the contestants Chief Wanna Make'em Cheer, Bruins Motorcycle Guy and Bruins Guy come in and tell why they deserve tickets to game 1.  Out of nowhere the "Bruins…

Toucher & Rich: Bruins Scrimmage recaps & Jeff Howe (Hour 2)

On this hour: Nick went out to the Bruins scrimmage to get recaps from fired up fans.  Jeff howe from the Athletic calls in and discusses the Patriots OTA's  Behind the B featured Patrice bergeron mic'd up during game 4 of the Carolina series.

Toucher & Rich: Bruins Scrimmage & Red Sox Win (Hour 1)

On this hour:  The Bruins ticket contest is today.  Everyone in Everett knows everyone.  Where did "Beantown" come from?  Bird tells us.  Red Sox win and Steve pearce and jackie Bradley Jr led the way.  Our contestants have arrived....  

Toucher & Rich: Mike Rupp, Tornado Survival & The Stack (Hour 4)

On this hour:  Former NHL player and NHL Network Analyst Mike Rupp joins the show.  Mike discusses the dangers of reading Wikipedia, playing in the minors and more.  A soda Pop long haul trucker discusses surviving a tornado.  The Stack features Marcus Smart as all-defensive team and more.

T&R in a Nutshell May 23, 2019

On this hour:  Bruins scrimmage tonight, Red Sox win.  Is Chavis going to be a good pro?  Bruins super fans submit videos for tickets to game 1.  Former NHL player Mike Rupp talks about false wikipedia and minor league hockey & a Soda pop trucker recalls surviving a tornado.

Toucher & Rich: Bruins Scrimmage and Red Sox win (Hour 1)

On this hour:  The Jefferson's live aired last night.  The Bruins scrimmage is tonight and it should be televised.  The Red Sox win and Chavis saved the day with another dinger!  Roger Goodell answered questions about Robert Kraft and medical marijuana.