Matt and Ty are back with the first new episode of 2022. This is gonna be their year, they can feel it. And they’re feeling goofy to start, talking about Spider-Man, Jurassic Park, chiropractors, and crap weather before getting into the return of hockey and their “Big 3” stadium foods.

The rundown…

(9:50) Matt finally saw Spider-Man: No Way Home, so the guys have a spoiler-heavy discussion about the movie.

(16:44) The Bruins are on a little hot streak since returning. Ty explains what he thinks is behind their recent surge and whether it’s sustainable.

(24:15) There was an actual hockey game to talk about, between the Bruins and Devils. Some wild stuff happened. Oskar Steen is lucky and good.

(39:04) Matt & Ty pick their “Big 3” stadium foods, snake draft-style. Serious stuff.

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