We’re in strange times right now, with COVID-19 sweeping the sports world and pausing the hockey season. So, this being a sports podcast, Matt & Ty had to improvise a bit this week.

The rundown…

(00:00) The guys recap what it’s been like to cover sports over the last couple of weeks, with no hockey and COVID dominating the news.

(10:15) COVID talk segues into some general NFL discussion, including the frontrunning Bills’ peacocking after beating the Patriots in a regular season game.

(25:58) The guys veer into Happy Gilmore talk in light of a recent tweet from Ty, and they also end up talking about the upcoming new Jackass movie.

(33:53) Coming out of the break are some Patriots thoughts in the wake of the team’s two-game losing streak. Why the expectations haven’t changed, and never changed.

(46:58) Thoughts on the passing of John Madden, and the Twitter people who tried to ruin the day. Matt rants about the toxicity of “Celebrity Death Twitter.”

(55:38) To close, in honor of Madden, Matt & Ty pick their “Big 3” sports video games. Ironically, most picks are NOT Madden games.

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