In a major breakthrough from the co-hosts of the podcast … Matt and Ty have admitted that Tuukka Rask did not play well in a hockey game. The guys open up about their shocking admission as part of this week’s new episode. /s

The rundown…

— Yes, Tuukka Rask played poorly in the latest Bruins’ loss. Also known as the thing that Matt and Ty say every time he plays poorly, because they call it like they see it with their own two eyes.

— The Bruins seem to be open for business at the trade deadline. Ty reveals what he expects Don Sweeney to add, and the guys go over the latest rumors.

— Defenseman Urho Vaakanainen has been playing his best hockey to date in his latest stint with the Bruins, and his continued development is a good sign.

— The guys reveal their “Big 3” picks for their personal Hall of Fame. A bit of a free-form category, as they reveal three of the most impactful people or things in their lives.

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