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The Boston Red Sox enter Friday’s action with the second-best record in the American League at 27-18. But if you’re hoping for Chief Baseball Officer Chaim Bloom to add talent with a big move at the MLB trade deadline, you may be setting yourself up for disappointment.

Bloom discussed the tricky balancing act facing the Red Sox in 2021 and beyond during an interview with 98.5 The Sports Hub’s Tony Massarotti, which you can listen to in the podcast above. As part of the interview, Bloom was asked about balancing the Red Sox’ clear need to rebuild the farm system in the wake of Dave Dombrowski’s departure with bolstering the major league roster for the current season.

Add it all up, and it sounds like if Bloom is going to make a trade, it will be minor in nature, and the priority for now is rebuilding the farm system and reaching long-term sustainability.

“It’s obviously going to be a difficult balance,” Bloom said, on improving the Red Sox without crushing the farm system. “I think to some degree, every year, you’re always weighing those two things. Obviously, [2020] was a year where it was very clear which side of the dial we were on. Most years, I think, are going to be a little more difficult. I still think we have to keep our goal in mind of making sure that the biggest goal, the biggest obligation we have to our fans, is to make sure we are as good as possible for as long as possible, and be able to get to the point where we can compete for a World Series every year and stay there.

“So, that means that obviously all the future years matter, and that’s why we’re placing an emphasis on the farm system, as we are. But 2021 also matters, so hopefully, we’re able to find things we can do that accomplish both goals.”

The Red Sox don’t seem to have many major holes that need filling in 2021, so a lower-level trade or two might be enough to increase their chances of contention in the AL. But if you’re a fan who desires another blockbuster, you’ll likely have to be patient.

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