Mazz: In the end, Pedroia delivered

In the end, how you remember Pedroia is entirely up to you, but here’s a suggestion: don’t be a baby about it. Pedroia gave you his all, and the mere fact that he has hobbled along for the last two years should tell you that.

Mazz: With schedule about to toughen, time for the Red Sox to make a stand

Meanwhile, the Red Sox are, in order, 25-23 overall, 13-10 at home, 12-13 on the road. They look like the definition of middle class. Among the 15 AL teams, they have the sixth-best record in the league overall, the seventh-best record at home, the sixth-best record on the road, the fifth-best record against right-handed starters and the 10th-best record against left-handed starters. Against teams at or above .500, they rank ninth among the 15 AL teams. Against teams below .500, they rank sixth. Get the picture? For the most part, overall, they’ve been average Joes.

Mazz: Red Sox' spring plan in further question as David Price also lands on IL

Don’t look now, Red Sox followers, but the news that David Price has landed on the injured list has left the Sox in a rather curious position. Forty percent of the team’s starting rotation is now on the IL, Price (elbow tendinitis) joining Nathan Eovaldi (elbow surgery) on the sideline. No one can possibly know how Sox pitchers will fare in the long run this season, but the idea was to bring them along slowly so that they would all be at maximum strength in September and October.

Mazz: Looking for me to buy in on 2019 Sox? No Sale.

Meanwhile, here’s the bigger picture: the Red Sox this season are now 9-10 when someone other than Sale is their starting pitcher and 0-5 in games started by their ace. Neither number is especially praiseworthy given what the Sox should be, but that 0-5 right now is the No. 1 reason they continue to stumble along as if blindfolded.

Mazz: Time for Red Sox Pitchers to Get Back to Basics

Call me a traditionalist – and to a degree, I am – but here’s a simple question: if you’re walking a ton of guys and putting yourself in bad situations, why would you keep pitching backwards? Maybe it’s because the Sox de-emphasized the start of the season, brought their pitchers along slowly, don’t have arm strength just yet. Or maybe the slow spring actually prevented Sox pitchers from getting the necessary feel for their off-speed pitches, which means Sox starters are throwing softer and with less break, movement, command.