Red Sox

Mazz: The Chaim Bloom Era? It's off to a boring start

If you’re looking for any sort of narrative on the Chaim Bloom Era so far, this is it: he hasn’t exactly come out guns blazing. Bloom’s moves as Red Sox GM thus far have been small, conservative and boring … which is precisely what you’d expect from a team like, say, the Tampa Bay Rays. Whether those kinds of deals can pass muster in Boston over the longer term remains to be seen, particularly if the Red Sox remain relatively invisible on the Boston sports landscape.

Mazz: How to fix the Red Sox

Is there any way the Red Sox can address their problems swiftly enough to improve in both the short and long-term? The answer is yes. But it won’t be easy. The answer is yes. But it won’t be easy.

Mazz: Trading Andrew Benintendi would tell us something ... about Chaim Bloom

Given the Red Sox’ predicament – few if any prospects, bad free agent market for pitching after the season – they are in a weak position. Benintendi shouldn’t be given away. But given the emergence of Alex Verdugo, Benintendi is an obvious piece to deal for good pitching, something the Red Sox desperately need as they try to rebuild their wretched organizational pitching pool.

Mazz: The Chaim Bloom Era starts now

Are they this bad? No. But they’re not going to be championship-caliber for a while, either. And Bloom knows it. So do Henry and everyone else in the organization. They’re just not going to say it because they still want you to pay attention. But the upcoming free agent market stinks for starting pitching and the Red Sox are in no real position to deal prospects, which leaves Bloom with decidedly few options.

Mazz: Now in contention for No. 1 pick, Red Sox should tank

The Red Sox are a mess, folks. And there are no simple fixes here. Even if Chris Sale and Eduardo Rodriguez come back healthy next year, the Red Sox are woefully short on young talent overall and young pitching, in particular. The best way to get it is through the draft, which brings us back to the idea of tanking, whether you want to call it that or not.

Mazz: Did J.D. Martinez quit on the Red Sox?

Martinez? Unless or until we find out more in a world with limited media access, he has no defense or excuse. It sure feels like Captain Video pulled a Manny Ramirez in New York last weekend, refusing to hit in one of the few games where the Red Sox have had a chance this season. Whether they won or lost the game is irrelevant. The whole point, this year especially, is to try.