Red Sox

Mazz: Even Theo Epstein thinks the MLB product stinks

I’ve said this before and I’ll undoubtedly say it again, albeit in far louder and more annoying terms and tones: the quality of the baseball product stinks. It’s unwatchable. And more important to Major League Baseball, it’s unsellable. If you have disagreed with me on this, you’re certainly entitled. But we now have one of the most accomplished executives in baseball history telling us the game is being ruined – and that should count for something.

Mazz: As Chaim Bloom begins to rebuild the Red Sox, expect to be underwhelmed

Before you start fantasizing about quick-fix moves the Red Sox can execute this offseason with the hopes of becoming relevant again, here’s a tip: get real. Yes, the Red Sox have money to spend, but Bloom isn’t likely to throw around stupid money or forfeit draft picks and/or international signing money, both of which he would have to relinquish if the Red Sox were to sign a free agent who obtained a qualifying offer.