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Chaim Bloom has been fired by the Boston Red Sox, and Tony Massarotti had a couple of initial thoughts before going on the air this afternoon.


Hey, it’s Tony Massarotti, 98.5 The Sports Hub. The Red Sox just fired Chaim Bloom. So we thought we’d give you a couple of quick thoughts here off the top as to what this means for the organization.

First of all, nobody should be surprised by this. It was evident that Cora and Bloom were not seeing eye to eye with regard to the philosophy and direction of the organization. One of them had to go, if not both. And so the fact that it’s bloom really indicates how firmly cemented Cora is in the organization.

The next GM of the team will be the third that Alex Cora works with, thinking that it’s really backwards. Most time the manager gets fired, the GM stays. This has been the opposite. In fact, Corey gets suspended, obviously, and still has kept his job during that period in time, which should tell you plenty.

Secondly, as it relates to the structure of the organization, Brian O’Halloran, who was the first LT under Chaim Bloom, has been offered another job in the organization. This should tell you a couple of things.

First of all, O’Halloran is not a candidate to be general manager. The Red Sox would have left that out. They’ve offered him another position in the organization.

And secondly, Eddie Romero was not mentioned in this release at all. Eddie Romero was beneath Halloran, but has a good relationship with Cora. I would look for some sort of collaborative leadership group from the Red Sox, including Alex Cora. The point being, just as Mike Sosa ran the Dodgers, or rather the Angels for many, many years, I think essentially Alex Cora is going to be the dominant voice in the Red Sox baseball operation.

And Cora’s contract is up at the end of next season. I would vote for some sort of extension with Cora in the coming weeks or months because you can’t let him go in as a lame duck, particularly if Romero is the general manager. I think the Red Sox need stability and my guess is they’re going to head in that direction.

And then third, the first job for the new group. Pitching, pitching, pitching, starting with the right handed pitcher Yamamoto in Japan. He’s the most appealing guy in the market.

The Red Sox have to spend if they’re going to get this guy. So that goes back to ownership. But they bring in a new general manager who doesn’t spend. Then the impetus and the pressure is really going to get turned up on President Sam Kennedy and on owners John Henry and Tom Werner.

Anyway, those are initial thoughts. I’m headed on the air here to 2:00 with Mike Felger. We’ll be talking Red Sox for much of the day. Thanks for listening.

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