Boston Red Sox

We here at 98.5 The Sports Hub are predicting the Red Sox will bring home their fourth World Series of the new millennium.

And we’re doing so in unanimous fashion.

In the spirit of transparency, our ALCS predictions weren’t exactly the most accurate prognostications of all-time. Hopefully we did better this time around.

You can find the picks below:

Jim Murray (Felger & Mazz)

While I couldn’t have been more wrong about the Red Sox losing in 5 to the Astros, I couldn’t have been more right the day of Game 5, when I said David Price was finally going to get off the playoff schneid.

And WHY did I make that proclamation? Because after Game 4 (and how the series played out) I’ve seen it all with this club. Production from the bottom of the order, the bullpen doesn’t suck anymore, Jackie Bradley Jr. has turned into Reggie Jackson. Down is up, up is down, it’s dogs and cats living together for the 2018 Bizzaro Red Sox.

I doubted, and I was wrong.

I don’t care if 1965 Sandy Koufax was in the Dodgers rotation, it’s the Red Sox year, and they’re not making a fool of me again.

Red Sox in 5.

Adam Jones (The Adam Jones Show)

David Price gets another playoff win.

JBJ wins World Series MVP.

And the Little Leader sobs while consoling his BFF Manny Machado.

Red Sox in 4.

Christian Arcand (The Adam Jones Show)

As hot as the Red Sox are I think the Dodgers will put up a fight and make the Sox sweat this one out.  The Dodgers have a lot of the same strengths on paper that the Astros had and I think some of the Sox issues in the first two rounds are likely to catch up with them.  The Dodgers are a tough team top to bottom and not many people are giving them a chance.  I think they show but fall just short.

Red Sox in 7

Matt McCarthy (98.5’s Hardcore Baseball Podcast)

Make no mistake about this: this series will not be a pushover. The Dodgers are the most talented team in the National League, and have been very good since mid-May when they climbed out of an early 16-26 hole to finish 21 games over .500.

They hit for power (second most home runs in baseball this year), and they can pitch. Clayton Kershaw’s October failures are overstated, he’s been unhittable for about half of his postseason starts. Rookie Walker Buehler is legit and is a star in the making.

But the Red Sox are the better team. They’re on a roll. It seems like nothing can stop them.

This is their year.

Red Sox in 6.

Marshall Hook (98.5 The Sports Hub)

My predictions — all season long, not just in the post season — have been so bad, I’m not sure why they keep asking me. In fact, I’m guessing most Red Sox fans would just assume I pick the Dodgers in 4, so my bad streak can continue and the Sox can raise another banner. Alas, I am a convert — finally. I don’t think it will be as easy as some seem to, and I think if there is one team in the National League that could beat the Red Sox, it is these Dodgers. But, in the end, Boston has a better lineup, top to bottom. Whoever doesn’t start in LA will be an asset off the bench. Clayton Kershaw is the ace of a pretty impressive Dodgers staff but you’ve gotten this far without (essentially) Chris Sale — imagine what you could do if he’s really back.

Red Sox in 6.

Joe Murray (Over/Under 985 Podcast)

After doubting this team all year long, I am officially IN on the Red Sox being the best in baseball.

Red Sox win in 6 games +325.

Sean Sylver (98.5 The Sports Hub)

I didn’t expect us to be doing this, but here we are. The Dodgers are imposing, they boast a lot of big names, but they’re also pretty volatile night to night. The Red Sox are rolling right now. Even when they put themselves in a hole, they find a way to totally redeem themselves over the course of nine innings. The Sox clinch Game 6 at Fenway to become the first four-time World Series winners of the 21st century.

Red Sox in 6.

Mike “Sarge” Riley (98.5 The Sports Hub)

I’ve picked against the Red Sox (like many of my colleagues) in the first two rounds so going to change it up here.

Red Sox in 7.

Matt Dolloff (

It’s hard not to be confident in the Red Sox heading into this series. But the Dodgers do have a pretty sizable advantage in terms of experience. Most of them know what it’s like to be under the World Series spotlight. Most of the Sox do not. But where the Red Sox have a big overall advantage is talent, particularly on offense and in the outfield. The Dodgers’ struggles against lefties will bite them in this series, as will most of their players’ inexperience with Fenway Park. The Red Sox’ ability to put the ball in play, combined with the Dodgers’ shaky fielding, will give Boston a noticeable edge. In the end, the Red Sox prevail and they finish the job on their home field.

Red Sox in 6.

Billy Lanni (Director of Communications, Felger & Mazz)

Sox in 3. You read that right. I said 3. The Red Sox will blow doors. Like the kids say, “don’t @ me.”