Mazz: Now in contention for No. 1 pick, Red Sox should tank

The Red Sox are a mess, folks. And there are no simple fixes here. Even if Chris Sale and Eduardo Rodriguez come back healthy next year, the Red Sox are woefully short on young talent overall and young pitching, in particular. The best way to get it is through the draft, which brings us back to the idea of tanking, whether you want to call it that or not.

Mazz: New rules mean a sudden change of identity for J.D. Martinez

Now here we are, two years later, and suddenly Martinez regards himself as a DH. Hmmm. How convenient. In case you missed it, baseball will employ a universal DH this year – that means in both leagues – and the rule will almost certainly carry over into the next bargaining agreement between players and owners. The days of pitchers batting for themselves have likely gone the way of the payphone, so guys like Martinez no longer need to be so disingenuous.

Sylver: Long Gone Boston Summer

By Sean Sylver, 98.5 The Sports Hub Just weeks after wrapping up The Last Dance, Michael Jordan’s tribute to Michael Jordan, ESPN’s 30 for 30 series took the DeLorean back to the late 90's last night with Long Gone Summer, a recounting of MLB’s historic summer of 1998. The home run chase between Mark McGwire and…

Mazz: Did the door just open for the return of Mookie Betts?

Translation: the pandemic and its effects would have major free agency ramifications for a player who has been intent on going to the market from seemingly the day he set foot in the big leagues. And while the likelihood is that Betts would choose a one-year contract and hit the market when all economies are healthier, could the offer like the one the Red Sox presented him last spring be back in play?

Mazz: On Opening Day ... an opening salvo

David Price (and those like him) makes his $31 million annually, fully guaranteed, and takes an eternity between pitches. And then, when the notion of the pitch clock comes up, he doesn’t merely hold on to the ball. They hold on to the ball and defiantly tell you that they have no intention of changing, directly spitting into the face of the person who matters most: you.

Red Sox sign RHP Collin McHugh

With their pitching depth already thin and Chris Sale's status for the beginning of the year up in the air, the Red Sox have added an arm, signing 32-year-old Colin McHugh.

NFL and MLB crawling to the finish line of local investigations

By Alex Barth, In case you forgot, half of Boston's major pro sports teams find themselves in the crosshairs of a league investigation. The Patriots and Red Sox are both accused of using video equipment to steal signals and gain an unfair advantage. With the Patriots, the accusations stem from a Dec. incident where…