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Zolak & Bertrand: Ty Anderson ‘hates’ this aspect of the Linus Ullmark trade

Zolak and Bertrand are joined in studio by 98.5 The Sports Hub’s Ty Anderson, who breaks down the Bruins trading Linus Ullmark to the Senators by evaluating the NHL’s goalie market and what the Bruins received in return. Beetle: Linus traded. What was your reaction to hearing the news? Anderson: It was expected. I was talking to people closer to the situation up in Ottawa over the weekend, they always felt that they would get to the finish line. It was just a matter of when and the other parameters of the deal that are a little bit confusing, a little bit unknown right now. I know I was driving in, you guys were mentioning the extension. He can't sign one until July 1. So, they could have a handshake agreement. Zolak: But you can be close, right? Anderson: You can be close, and so, that was sort of the hang-up. It's like, 'Will you sign an extension here?' He did waive his no-trade (clause) to go there. He did have to waive it to facilitate it. Ottawa was on his, it's actually a 14-team no-trade (clause), not a 16. Beetle: I looked, and it went down. It was losing a team every year, right? Isn’t that the way it went? It was 16, 15 and now it’s 14. Anderson: So it was a full no-move the first two years. Then it was a 16-team last year. Now it was a 14-team. Beetle: Oh, so it went 16 to 14. Anderson: Yeah, who were those two teams? It's probably Edmonton and Florida, and he's like, 'Well, I'll go there.' And they're like, 'Well, they're a little busy right now, man.' No, but it was expected. I think once the suitors kind of came and went. He wasn't waiting for LA. He didn't want to go out that far. New Jersey got Jacob Markstrom, so they were out. Once that happened, it was kind of like you had Ottawa and then you had teams that were kind of in it but not really. Detroit was one, and then you had teams that were kind of still assessing their options. Don Waddell in Columbus said they weren't going to buy out (Elvis) Merzlikins, so they were out. Carolina looks set with what they have right now, so they were out. It really became just, I think, Ottawa or bust for the Bruins and for Linus Ullmark. Beetle: So what do you make of the return? What do you make of what the Bruins took back in this deal? Anderson: I love getting back into the first round — they haven't picked in the first round since Fabian Lysell in 2021. I like getting Mark Kastelic, the bottom sixer. He's good on faceoffs, he's physical, he'll fight. I hate, hate, hate getting Joonas Korpisalo. I would not have touched this guy with the 10-foot pole. It is a horrible contract. OK, so when Ottawa was in town back in April, I was talking to some Ottawa people. I was like, 'What's going on with this guy?' And they were like, 'Well, there's a legit conversation about buying him out.' It's like talking buying him out one year into his contract, and now he's a Bruin, and they only retain 25 percent. They're dancing in the streets in Ottawa about getting rid of this contract. It makes no sense to take this deal on. Four more years, now at $3 million per, and we have no idea if he can play. Twenty goalies last year played at least 50 games in the NHL. Korpisalo was dead last in goals against average and save percentage — .890 save percentage, 3.27 goals against. This is not the flyer that I take on a guy. If he makes $1 million, $1.5 million, sure. Three million? Urgh, hate it. Hate it. Hate it. Beetle: So the Bruins are now on the hook for four years and 12 million to this guy. Anderson: Who we don't know if he can play or not. We have no idea. Beetle: Can they move that? If they take on 25 percent if they pay a million bucks a year? Anderson: Ottawa wanted to do that, and they couldn't do it. I don't know why the Bruins are able to now. I don't know. And who's going to take him? We just talked about the goalie market being a little bit depressed now. Who takes him, right? And so, I think you're kind of stuck with this guy. Beetle: You think you're stuck with this guy? There’s no shot they can move him. Anderson: I wouldn't be surprised if they buy him out, but why are you doing that? Why are you doing Ottawa the favor there? Once Linus Ullmark agrees to waive the no-trade, it's Ottawa's time to figure it out. 'Do you want adequate goaltending or not? We're not taking on Joonas Korpisalo. You guys figure that out.' You figure that out like the Bruins had to figure out everything with buying out Mike Reilly, stapling a first-round pick to get rid of David Backes, stapling a second-round pick for the Ducks to take John Moore. Why do the Bruins have big concession here to take on a horrible contract? LISTEN: Ty Anderson breaks down the Linus Ullmark trade

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