Matt and Ty are back with an all-new episode. This one covers both the Bruins and Patriots, among other things, with a consistent theme: the sports themselves are still fun, but the discourse surrounding it keeps getting worse, especially on social media.

Here’s the rundown…

— (1:33) The Bruins actually played a hockey game last Sunday. Matt & Ty recap Boston’s win over the Canadiens and Matt’s “fan experience” in the club seats.

— (20:25) Matt believes Patriots quarterback Mac Jones is the next Tuukka Rask … how, you ask? Allow him to explain.

— (40:49) Bruins defenseman Jakub Zboril remarked that he had to delete all his social media apps because of the overwhelmingly negative comments he’d receive. Matt & Ty once again plead for people to not be a-holes to each other on the internet.

— (51:38) Matt & Ty name their “Big 3” worst arena names in sports. Man oh man, are these names awful.

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