Boston Bruins

Is the Joe Thornton trade still the worst deal by any Boston pro sports team in the 21st century?

Although the Bruins’ rebuild was successful and they won a Stanley Cup after trading Thornton, while the San Jose Sharks did not, that doesn’t mean they won the trade. Matt and Ty take a deep dive on the Thornton trade, 15 years later as part of the newest Sports Hub Sidelines podcast, which you can listen to above. The Thornton talk begins around the 47:45 mark.

Also among the topic on this week’s podcast: the guys recap their Thanksgivings, which they survived with their limbs intact. The Goo Goo Dolls and Big Tree Lighting turned out to be the one industry bigger than the NFL. (11:38) There’s an update on the mysterious monoliths that have popped up on multiple continents, and maybe Ty is starting to believe there’s something at work with the aliens (21:30).

Danny Ainge salvaged something out of the Gordon Hayward trade, and now the Celtics are left hoping their young core grows into true championship contenders over the next five years – and actually win one before Jayson Tatum becomes a free agent (34:15). And after revisiting the Joe Thornton trade, Matt & Ty give their latest thoughts on the Bruins’ upcoming season and when they think the NHL season might actually start (1:07:10).

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