Some Boston Red Sox fans took the ‘Do Damage’ slogan a little too seriously on parade day, as it turned out, with Alex Cora, Mookie Betts, and the World Series trophy itself among those pelted with beer cans on their Duck Boat ride around Boston.

The beer-thrower, 19-year-old Patrick Connolly from Sandwich, Mass., was pointed out to police by witnesses — including Cora and Red Sox security from their Duck Boat — and was arraigned shortly after the parade in Boston Municipal Court on assault and battery with a dangerous weapon, disorderly conduct, and underage possession of alcohol charges.

Connolly allegedly told police officers that he ‘loves’ Cora and didn’t mean to hit him.

“His conduct was tumultuous, served no lawful purpose and caused the crowd of spectators to gather towards him,” the police report said.

On a different Duck Boat, Betts battled similar ‘attacks’ from overzealous fans.

“This definitely has got to stop,” Betts reportedly said as he and his family dodged beer cans, as documented by the Boston Globe’s Stan Grossfeld. Grossfeld even came through with a block of a can that seemed destined to smash Betts in the face.

As for the damage to the trophy, WMUR-9 was able to capture the moment a beer can dented and twisted some of the flags.

According to the Red Sox, the trophy sustained minimal damage that’s “easily repairable.”