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The Gun Show is officially over following the announcement that longtime NFL official Ed Hochuli is retiring after 27 seasons in the league.

On Tuesday morning, NFL vice president of officiating Al Riveron took to Twitter to announce four moves involving league officials, which included the news about Hochuli’s departure.

Anyone who watches profession football knows who Hochuli is. They might not know his name, but they definitely know who he is.

You could say he’s one of the league’s go-to referees, who’s known for explaining calls on the field in great length and detail, while flexing his shredded, beefy arms.

In short, he’s the jacked dude who’s always rocking short sleeve shirts to show off his giant pythons.

NFL referee Ed Hochuli, #85, makes a signal as the Jacksonville Jaguars play against the Seattle Seahawks at Alltel Stadium, September 11, 2005 in Jacksonville. The Jaguars defeated the Seahawks 26 – 24. (Photo by Al Messerschmidt/Getty Images)

Hochuli, 67, is a trial lawyer by day and a referee come fall and winter.

The 27-year veteran official got his start in the NFL in 1990 as a ‘back judge’ and was later promoted to ‘referee’ in 1999.

He’s been the crew chief of 19 playoff games, including Conference Championships and Super Bowl XXXVIII between the New England Patriots and Carolina Panthers. And he’s even refereed some NFL Pro Bowls as well.

We’ve had the pleasure of having him as a referee in a ton of Patriots games at Gillette Stadium and around the league.

How can anyone forget his jibber-jabber of an explanation back in 2012?

And with the announcement of his retirement, you would think that was all were heard from a Hochuli, but it’s not!

His name will live on in the NFL with his son, Shawn, getting promoted to “referee” from his former post as ‘back judge.’ He might not be as ripped as his dad, but he seems to be just as thorough and pays just as much attention to details as his father.

On behalf of NFL fans from all over the world, thank you Ed for always remaining fair and just under the extreme pressures of officiating the greatest game on turf. And also thank you to referee Jeff Triplette, who is also retiring along with Hochuli.

—  By John ‘The Dude’ Hardiman,

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