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Marc Bertrand: Why the Rhamondre Stevenson extension isn’t smart

On Friday's edition of Zolak & Bertrand, Marc "Beetle" Bertrand explained why the Rhamondre Stevenson extension isn't smart. Only if it's someone like Christian McCaffrey Marc Bertrand:  Nice player. Really good. That's what he is. But is he the 7th best running back in the NFL?   Tim McKone:  No.   Scott Zolak:  He is if he’s right.   Marc Bertrand:  Yeah, maybe. Is he hitting those home runs, so to speak? Is he breaking through? Is it the guy who you can hand it to him at the 15 yard line that is threat to get into the endzone? Is he Christian McCaffrey? Which nobody is. So, you guarantee $22 million to running backs on a team that probably won't be able to block for them very well this year. Why do it now? That's one of my questions. Why so much? Why do it now?  Scott Zolak:  Because you got a young quarterback and they’re going to be run heavy.  Marc Bertrand:  So? You think his value is going to increase this year?  Scott Zolak:  You had Damien Harris. Well, I thought he was a hard runner. You moved on from him. You go to Rhamondre... the ability to replace running backs is pretty good.  Marc Bertrand:  I think one of the biggest problems with this that I look at is, you know we played this game now, it's inevitable. Would Bill have done this?  One of these things. And the answer is emphatically no.  Scott Zolak:  Bill would’ve drafted the next guy and replaced him.  Marc Bertrand: Like he did with Rhamondre Stevenson. He's a fourth round draft pick. That's what he is.  Tim McKone:  He’s done that forever with running backs. That red shirt year, right?   Marc Bertrand:  Churn and burn, man. You know why? Because that's the nature of the position. Signing running backs to second deals and big second deals to me is never smart unless it’s some truly special like Christian McCaffrey. Listen to the full segment!

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