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Celtics head coach Joe Mazzula deserves more credit

The Boston Celtics are 48-12 and have an 8.5 game lead in the Eastern Conference as they continue to dominate on both ends blowing teams out on a nightly basis. Celtics head coach Joe Mazzula has been routinely criticized since taking over the job for Ime Udoka after he was let go for off the court issues. Mazzula was widely criticized after the team's playoff loss last season to the Miami Heat for his in game coaching and lack of timeout use. While many pointed at his age and lack of experience as reasons for the Celtics late game struggles. However the numbers since Mazzula has taken over are hard to ignore and one playoff run isn't nearly enough to judge a head coach. Under Mazzula the Celtics are an astonishing 105-37 the last two seasons. Mazzula's teams have set offensive records and this season are blowing out competition on a regular basis. Yes the additions of Jrue Holiday and Kristaps Porzingis, this last offseason are massive reasons for the Celtics success this season. However I believe Mazzula deserves more credit than he's getting. It's easy to have stars in the NBA a league full of them, but it's not easy to manage those stars and succeed with them. Which is exactly what Mazzula is doing at an elite level. The Pheonix Suns, Milwaukee Bucks and Los Angeles Clippers have all tried to load their rosters with stars but haven't had nearly the success the Celtics have. It's not just managing stars though for Mazzula, which is why I believe he deserves more credit. For me it's how the Celtics play under Mazzula as a unit. as the voice of the Celtics Sean Grande has said more in the last few weeks than in the last few seasons are a "symphony", a "show" even. Boston is dismantling teams on both ends of the floor and Mazzula getting his players to buy in to his system and mindset of how to attack an NBA game are a main reason why. Fans have lately maligned the way the Celtics shoot the three and how heavily they rely on it. But with the playoffs approaching Mazzula and his staff have shown other ways the Celtics can win when their shots aren't falling. Fans will still criticize Mazzula no matter how well the Celtics play in the regular season until they do finally get over the hump. This year really does feel different though for Boston and I think Mazzula and his team are primed to get over that next title. The jury will be out on Mazzula until that happens but for now I don't know what else he could possibly do to make fans believe in him and this years Celtics team. They are playing at a different level than every other team in the league and are on a collision course for the NBA Finals.

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