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Zolak & Bertrand

Zolak & Bertrand

Zolak & Bertrand

On Wednesday’s edition of Zolak & Bertrand, Marc Bertrand highlighted the biggest difference between Mac Jones and Jarrett Stidham.

  • Stidham stood in there...

    Scott Zolak: Go ahead. He (Jarrett Stidham) what?

    Marc Bertrand: Stood in. Took the hits. Delivered the football. And I thought, that’s a big time play. That’s a type of play that earns the respect of guys like Davante Adams. Who could not praise him enough postgame.

    Scott Zolak: How about that catch he had that he laid out for. I didn’t think he grabbed that. I didn’t think he had that. Then you watch it and it’s like, oh my God, he caught that.

    Marc Bertrand: Do you know what Stidham did? He made anyone who is griping and bitching about Derek Carr not being there forget all about it by Sunday. Yep. That’s what Stidham did.

    Scott Zolak: The defense lost the game for him. Like that defense stinks. And after he took those licks and got hit, you know what he did? He got up and he smiled. Adjusted his helmet and went back to the huddle and is chuckling with his offensive linemen. Like that’s the crap (Tom) Brady did, but that’s like what you pick up being around Brady for as many years as you were or being here in that system, that’s how you act.

    Marc Bertrand: Two defenders bearing down and he hangs in there and throws the ball downfield to Adams. Keeps the play alive, knows he is going to get croaked, knows it.

    Scott Zolak: Look at the set-up there they’re showing on the simulcast like dead Square, right in the chest.

    Marc Bertrand: My first thought when I saw that was, man, there have been times this year when Mac Jones has not stood in there for a couple of throws because he’s been getting his ass kicked all year.

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  • The exact play the guys were talking about...

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