Wicked Holiday Guide


The Festive Four? Here Are The Top 4 Holiday Movies We Rewatch Every Christmas Season

The Festive Four? Here are the top 4 holiday movies we love to re-watch every Christmas season. If you love to watch all the holiday movies and shows then you have most certainly watched all of these. There are no surprises on the top 4, in fact the newest movie was made in 1990. Most of these are run non-stop starting in November and go straight through December 25th. Some networks run the same show back to back weeks away from the big day. Some networks will run these shows in marathon fashion starting Christmas Eve and all of Christmas day. It wasn't like this back in the day Before cable and the 1000 channels you get on your TV, you had to wait for one of the big three networks (ABC, CBS and NBC) to air them. If you missed the broadcast, that was it until next year. We didn't have DVR's to record them with and re-watch whenever we wanted. There was no such thing as "streaming" or "on demand" where you can watch all of your favorite shows anytime and anywhere. Do you feel sorry for the kids of today who don't know what it's like to  have to wait for their favorite show to come on? I do, because they will not know the excitement of waiting to watch Rudolph when it would come on TV. Remember getting excited knowing it would be on TV on a Friday night at 8:00? There would be hot cocoa and maybe some popcorn made on the stove (not the crappy microwave kind) Survey says! People were asked to name which holiday classic that they would watch every year or were planning to. We listed the Top 4 Holiday movies for you to see how they rate with your household. Perhaps some of your favorites didn't make the list, but you have to remember these are the most re-watchable movies that we see at least once during the holiday season.