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By Matt Dolloff,

Listen above for the first of 10 commercial-free hours on 98.5 The Sports Hub from Toucher and Rich. Here’s how this hour breaks down:

11:10 – 51:55: The best (and worst) of ’98 Mile’
52:00 – 1:00:55: Jon Wallach reads a fake ad for ‘Shazowie’s Mystical Wonderland’

The majority of the hour focuses on the station’s semi-annual rap battle tournament known as ’98 Mile’. The guys go back and listen to some of the best raps, including a particularly biting roast-a-thon between Michael Felger and Andy Gresh. They also replay some of the low points of ’98 Mile’, including one from our former colleague Adam Kaufman that … well they couldn’t even get through the whole thing.

Closing out the hour is one of Fred’s favorite moments in the history of the show, a prank he and Rich pulled on Jon Wallach in the early years of T&R on 98.5. Listen as Wallach does a fake ad read for the fictitious magic shop “Shazowie’s Mystical Wonderland”, a clip that Rich described as the moment Wallach officially became a member of the show.

We’re going to re-live some of the Sports Hub’s best moments until 5 p.m. on Tuesday as the station celebrates 10 great, successful years on the air. Be sure to keep listening live to hear more classic moments, commercial-free.

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