Toucher and Rich: Rich is freaked out by the internet again. (Hour 2)

On this hour: Rich got freaked out by the internet this summer over a grill advertisement.  It happened again with a lamp.  Calls on the internet spying on you.  Joe Haggerty calls in a discusses the Bruins possible roster moves and Chara's never ending youth and more.
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Toucher and Rich: Why Is David Price The Red Sox' Vocal Leader? (Hour 1)

On this hour:  T&R came up overnight on the Amy Lawrence show.  USA women's hockey won gold last night.  Leslie jones was noy happy with Pierre McGuire.  David Price isn't too worried about the Yankees.  Why is he the vocal leader in the Red Sox clubhouse.
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4 Names To Watch For The Bruins At The NHL Trade Deadline

The Bruins aren't likely in the market for one of the big fish at the NHL trade deadline. So cross the Rangers' Rick Nash off the list. But it would still behoove them to find a veteran winger who can slot next to David Krejci to complement both him and his younger teammates. Reports have…

The Adam Jones Show: Rear Admiral On The Impressive Bruins

The Rear Admiral from Barstool Sports hops on and talks Bruins with Christian Arcand tonight. The B's have been on some kind of fire this season and Rear Ad gives you his thoughts on why they've been so successful this season as well as their ceiling in the playoffs as the end of the regular…
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Would You Rather On The Game of Jones: Marcus Smart Or Terry Rozier On A Long-Term Deal?

It's a Would You Rather Wednesday on the Game of Jones as Arcand and McCarthy give their picks of the five topics mentioned.  They are both put on the spot with the final question that is now etched its spot in the radio waves for good.
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Barstool Sports' Dan 'Greenie' Greenberg On The Celtics Post-All-Star Break

Dan Greenberg aka Stool Greenie from Barstool Sports hops on the program and speaks with Arcand tonight about everything Celtics including who needs to step up the most for the Green as they have only 23 games remaining in this regular season once they finally get back on the court.  Greenie also gives an interesting…
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Celtics @ 7: Longest All-Star Break Ever

The Celtics have not played a regular season game since last Wednesday and will continue to sit out until they play the Pistons in Detroit on Friday.  More than a week off might do this team well since they limped quite noticeably into the All-Star Break.
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Adam Jones Show: Red Sox Look To Right The Ship

Christian Arcand and Matt McCarthy are in for Jones and Cattles tonight ona  full five hour show and start off with the Red Sox and developing opinions on the signing of J.D. Martinez.  Arcand and Mccarthy get you pumped and riled up for the MLB season!
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