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20. Matthew Dolloff: Just a Sports Dork

Matt Dolloff - not THAT Matt Dolloff - is back from a vacation for a new episode of the Sports Hub Sidelines podcast with Ty Anderson. Matt's had a weird couple of weeks after a man with the same name shot and killed someone in Denver. Matt talks about that surreal experience, plus what he…

The Earth's Heart Has Stopped Beating???

We take you into the strange, bizarre, and perhaps the most important near the end of the show where Arcand, McCarthy, Mason Sousa, and Jeremy Conley try to understand the phenomenon that took place last night that no one is talking about.  Travel to the ionosphere and center of the Earth with us as we…

Who Made McCarthy's List??

Matt McCarthy is in on the night program and adds someone to the dreaded list and I believe the world will agree with this new member.  McCarthy also proposes a certain committee to combat this particular travesty of justice that the person who made the List acted on.

Dr. Football John Sarianides

Doc Football himself joins the program and chats with Arcand about the state of the Patriots.  Sarianides gives his takes on how the Pats performed against the Broncos, previews how they will look against Jimmy Garoppolo's 49ers, and muhc more.

A Boston Bruins Minute

Arcand and McCarthy give you a Bruins minute even though the Bruins don't deserve it.  The guys recap what the B's have done so far in this miniature offseason and what else they could do before 2021 rolls around.

Mookie Betts, a Transcendent Traded Player

Mookie Betts is coming out hot to start the World Series and people can't help but laugh at the Red Sox for trading him away.  It's not just Red Sox fans but the Fox broadcasters mention the Boston Red Sox parting with Betts throughout the Game 1 broadcast of the World Series.  Arcand and McCarthy…

Enough of the Practice Excuse

It's Christian Arcand and Matt McCarthy for five hours tonight and they start off Wednesday's show with a semi-preview of the Patriots and 49ers as Bill Belichick's team has finally made it back no the practice field.  The constant mention of lack of practice is wearing thin and the guys discuss how that is no…

Grading the Jimmy Garoppolo Trade / Mookie Betts Shines in Dodgers Game 1 Win / the Final Word (Hour 4)

(00:18) Where would the Patriots be if they held on to Jimmy Garoppolo? (26:50) Felger and Mazz also discussed the performance by Mookie Betts in last night’s Dodgers win over the Rays. Why didn’t Betts want to stay in Boston? (36:24) The Final Word with Jim Murray

Paul Perillo on the Garoppolo Trade / the Patriots Passing Game / 49ers-Patriots Preview (Hour 3)

(00:16) Paul Perillo, of, joined Felger and Massarotti to continue the conversations about the trade of Jimmy Garoppolo and Tom Brady’s departure from New England. (10:21) The guys also discussed their concerns with the Patriots passing game. How should the Patriots approach the trade deadline? (21:48) Mike, Tony, and Paul previewed Sunday’s Patriots game…

Should the 49ers Have Signed Tom Brady? / the Patriots Decision to Trade Garoppolo / Stephon Gilmore’s Future in New England (Hour 2)

(00:10) Felger and Mazz continued to talk about the Garoppolo trade and whether the 49ers should’ve signed Tom Brady. Would the Patriots bring Garoppolo back? (18:51) The guys also looked back the Patriots decision to keep Brady and to trade Garoppolo. Did the Kraft’s force Belichick’s hand to trade Garoppolo? (29:46) Is Stephon Gilmore on…

Dead By Daylight Is Perfect For Halloween & AOC's Twitch Triumph

AOC nearly broke the Twitch record with her Among Us stream. Does this signal a new wave of voter engagement. And Chadd tells us all about the new Dead By Daylight expansion. That at more on today's Checkpoint Daily!   Subscribe to CheckpointXP Daily Podcast on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, and Google Podcasts or wherever you…

The Jimmy Garoppolo Trade Revisited / Mookie Betts Leads Dodgers to Game 1 Win (Hour 1)

(00:19) Felger and Massarotti opened up the show looking back the New England Patriots trade of quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo to the San Francisco 49ers. (25:00) The guys also discussed Mookie Betts’ performance in last night’s Dodgers Game 1 win and his contract negotiations with the Boston Red Sox. (34:19) Would the Patriots be in better…

Brady is a Warlock, Super Bowl Could be Moved, Rush Hour Traffic (Hour 4)

(0:00) More calls on all things Patriots (12:15) Everywhere Tom Brady goes, the sports teams win  (22:30) There is a chance that the Super Bowl could be moved back several weeks, if you are to believe one team exec. Also, the concept of rush hour traffic may not return to Boston until 2024.   

NFL Contenders and Pretenders, A-Rod on Mookie, Vazquez Wants Cora Back (Hour 3)

(0:00) Find out which teams Bert thinks are “contenders” or “pretenders” in the NFL this season.  (13:30) Alex Rodriguez had high praise for Mookie Betts and what level he is on as a player. (25:50) Red Sox catcher Christian Vazquez seems to be in favor of bringing back former manager Alex Cora