Matt Kalman talks the current state of the Boston Bruins

Christian Arcand who is filling in for Jones was joined by Matt Kalman of CBSBoston. They discussed the Bruins 2-1 overtime win over the Calgary Flames as well as the current state of the B's. They also discussed what the Bruins need most at the trade deadline.
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Sean McAdam breaks down the JD Martinez signing

Christian Arcand who is in for Jones was joined by Sean McAdam of the Boston Sports Journal. They discussed the Red Sox signing Free agent JD Martinez and what it means for the Sox. They also talked about will the Sox make any more moves and how does this affect their run for a 3rd…
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Hockey Show 2-17-17

In hour 1 of this week's Sports Hub Hockey Show, Ryan Johnston is joined by Judd Sirott, live from Vancouver, to recap the Bruins week. Judd talks about recent games against the Western Conference and David Pastrnak's demotion during Tuesday's game against Calgary. Ryan asks whether the Bruins should be willing to part with Jake…
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