Fuppets: Felger On The Fritz

Nantucket is known for many things, beautiful beaches, amazing restaurants, a get away from it all culture. What it's not known for is stable internet, as Mike Felger finds out doing the Felger & Mazz show from on location.

Fuppets: Tanking For Trevor

Tanking to get Trevor Lawrence? There are so many reasons why that won't happen. Felger's going to have Jimmy Stewart keep it on a button to repeat anytime one of you brings it up again.

Fuppets: Felger's Basement

Felger's rewiring his house to try and make the show broadcast a little cleaner. In fact, he's found his way down to his bunker -- err -- basement where he's now broadcasting from.

Fuppets: I Quit

If you're frustrated with the people you work for, and you have the ability to walk, you give them the finger and walk out the door, right?

Fuppets: Stealing Signs

On the latest installment of the Fuppets: Felger, Mazz, and Murray take on the Houston Astros' alleged sign-stealing system, and what other baseball clubs have done over the years.