Jason Tatum’s Jersey Was A NBA Top-Seller This Season

The Boston Celtics playoff run has officially tipped off, with the team expected to go deep into the playoffs. The Celtics have had a dominant season on the court and have performed off the court as well. Jason Tatum's #0 was a top one of the NBA's top-selling jerseys this 2023-2024 season. Bleacher Report recently detailed the top 15 selling jerseys from the second half of this season. There was not much surprise among the leading 10. Superstars like Luka Doncic, Stephen Curry, and LeBron James all saw their jerseys in high demand. For the Celtics, Tatum was ranked incredibly high, but somehow Jaylen Brown's #7 jersey was not a top 15 seller this year. Perhaps that's because there were some newcomers to the list. Rookie sensation Victor Wembanyama had the fourth most popular jersey, with his #1 San Antonio Spurs threads. Jalen Brunson of the New York Knicks also cracked the top 15 with his stellar season. The Boston Celtics as a franchise, however, had a strong selling sales performance. They ranked only behind the Los Angeles Lakers for the top-selling overall merchandise in the NBA. The NBA has done a good job in recent years, creating and allowing for innovative merchandise styles. This holds true on and off the court. For example, the City Connect jerseys allow players and fans alike to represent their city in a vibrant alternative look. Sometimes that comes with the team rolling a special matching court for the home games that they wear them. Sneakers have obviously always been synonymous with basketball style. Recent years have shown players wearing the shoe colors of their choice during each game as opposed to a uniform white or black show-only look. Jason Tatum Being Among  The NBA's Top-Selling Jerseys Is Only Part Of Great Merch It is well-known that Tatum is a Jordan brand athlete. He even has his own model sneaker with Jordan. What's fascinating about his sneaker line is that he has really leaned into two models, the "Tatum 1" and the "Tatum 2." They are similar shoes in cut and style. However, part of the massive appeal is how the Tatum and Jordan brands (owned by Nike) continue to produce so many different colorways in these kicks. For example, you can find a team red (even though Tatum never rocks a red uniform), or you can go for the louder greens, purple, and pinks that have become widely popular on the courts. This spring, there was even a special Tatum 2 Easter drop. The Celtics have come out of the playoff gate on fire and will have no easy task taking down some of the great teams like the Knicks or Nuggets that could stand in their way to another banner. One thing is certain though, many fans will be sporting that #0 jersey inside the TD Garden. [select-gallery gallery_id="557609" syndication_name="this-boston-restaurant-sells-300-pizzas-per-celtics-bruins-playoff-game" description="yes"]

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